Gail Lange
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
M.S., University of New Hampshire
B.S., University of Maryland

University of Maine at Farmington Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Gail Lange believes in getting creative in her computer science courses.

In her Network Security class, Gail Lange has her students work with a network of virtual machines to do vulnerability testing to find exploitable security gaps, learn how to patch the discovered problems, and work with current software tools such as Nmap and Metasploit. She also works with her students to use analyzers such as Wireshark to understand network packets to both see what is in normal packets, what could be in “hacked packets”, and how packets can be crafted.


In Gail’s Database Systems class her students love designing their own choice of database, create it, populate it, and write interesting queries using SQL (structured query language) to ask questions of it. The students put “finishing touches” on their database by designing a web front-end using php. Some projects include the game of Minecraft, designing for a hospital setting, stats for a collection of lacrosse teams, or a real estate agency.

In the Classroom: Engaging Students — Setting High Academic Expectations

Her students love the challenge of understanding, designing and coding algorithms (in Algorithm Design and Analysis) to solve problems such as stable allocation by preference, scheduling, or finding a shortest path between points.

Gail also gets great pleasure in working with students on difficult mathematical and statisical concepts and helping them make a breakthrough in knowledge. Some of these courses include Calculus and Data Analysis. In addition, she has a high priority to get students to apply mathematics to other fields.

In all her endeavors, Gail strives to get her students to learn how to learn, realizing that the fields are changing very rapidly.


Gail’s former students are currently enjoying successful careers in the computer science field and are acting as administrators for databases and network security systems, healthcare data analysis, web and application programmers.

A True Academic — Areas of Special Interest

Gail’s academic interests include networking, security, databases, graphics, machine learning, analysis, and statistics.

Outside of Academia — Personal Interests and Activities

Gail spends her off-screen time enjoying an active lifestyle in Maine’s waters where she kayaks and rows. She also plays tennis and is an avid biker.