Terry Morocco
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., Washington State University
M.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Associate Professor of Chemistry Terry Morocco refers to his Intro to Chemistry classes as “chemistry boot camp,” where the first three quarters of the semester focus on techniques and instrument use and the remaining one quarter is spent on a specific class project.

His classroom projects take on an analytical approach. Some of his students are measuring phosphorous levels in soft drinks while others are traveling around campus measuring the copper and lead levels in campus drinking fountains.

Projects like these have been met by students with a great deal of enthusiasm. After students complete the scientific thought process, they present their findings to the class. Terry believes these kinds of student-centered projects teach his students to think on their feet and prepare them for success in their science-related careers after UMF.

Lately, Terry has just adopted the “flipped classroom” technique that is emerging as a powerful new teaching tool.  The classroom is “flipped” in that lectures will be watched as a screen-cast at home, while the in-class activities will be activities that reinforce the screen-cast material.

Areas of Special Interest

Terry is passionate about passing on the value of higher education to his students. He relates to his students by sharing his own story on how education has changed his life and strives to give his students the confidence they need in order to achieve great things in graduate school or their chosen career.

Terry’s areas of expertise include electro-analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and chemical education. Currently, his research interest is in the area of arsenic speciation in Franklin County well water.

Outside of Academia — Personal Interests and Activities

Outside of work at UMF, Terry enjoys outdoor activities whenever he’s not fixing up his old house in neighboring Wilton, Maine.