Maine is a state of breathtaking beauty: unspoiled lakes and spectacular mountains to the west, rugged rocky coastline to the east. Farmington is located smack-dab among those unspoiled lakes and spectacular mountains.

A relatively small state population-wise (1.23 million people), Maine is New England’s largest state: about the size of the rest of New England combined (33,215 sq. miles). Maine has 3,500 miles of coastline, 6,000 lakes and ponds, and 17 million acres of forest. To take advantage of all those trees, lakes and ponds, Maine has 436,064 acres of state and national parks.

Maine’s largest city is Portland (about an hour and a half from Farmington) and the state capital is Augusta (about 40 minutes from Farmington). Maine was once part of Massachusetts and is the only state in the U.S. that borders just one other state. (Remember that if you’re ever on Jeopardy.)

The state bird is the chickadee (not the blackfly, contrary to popular belief) and the state motto is “Dirigo,” which means “I Lead.” Our license plates say “Vacationland” because people from all over the world vacation here. Maine is a state renowned for its outstanding “Quality of Life” and all of us at the University of Maine at Farmington embrace that notion. We love it here.

Maine’s Beautiful Lakes & Mountains Region (aka Ski Country)

Farmington is located in beautiful Franklin County, which stretches from the Quebec border to central Maine. This part of Maine is frequently called “the western mountains,” “the lakes and mountains region,” and “ski country.”

Western Maine is a place of spectacular beauty, with unspoiled lakes and rivers, beautiful mountains, abundant wildlife (moose, deer, eagles, skunks, beavers, trout, bass, turkeys, blackflies) and an active outdoor lifestyle.

This region has long been a destination spot for visitors from across the globe, who come here to ski and snowboard, to fly-fish and whitewater raft, to hike and camp, to snowmobile and mountain bike … and of course, to go to college.