Mission Statement

As a premier teacher education and public liberal arts college for the state of Maine, the University of Maine at Farmington prepares students for engaged citizenship, enriching professional careers, and an enduring love of learning.

Values and Vision

Given its history since 1864 of educating teachers and its distinctive contemporary mission as a public liberal arts college, the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) has consistently been rooted in a  vigorous tradition of education in service to the public interest. In embracing this tradition, UMF seeks to graduate individuals who will live purposeful, ethical, and personally rewarding lives, and who will strengthen the social fabric of the communities they inhabit in Maine and beyond. We recognize that success depends upon our ability to preserve continued, affordable access to higher education.


The university’s focus is undergraduate education in a residential setting.  UMF also provides limited graduate education and welcomes commuter students and continuing education opportunities where regional and statewide needs correspond with areas of academic strength in the University. Through its focus on high quality academic programs in the arts and sciences, teacher education, and selected
professional fields, the University challenges students to be active citizens in a campus community that helps them find and express with confidence their own voices, teaches them the humility to seek wisdom from others, and prepares them for ongoing explorations of how knowledge can be put to use for their personal benefit and the common good.


Across our programs, academic rigor matters, as does a commitment to experience-based learning that enlivens theoretical understandings of different disciplines and the relationship of those studies to a rapidly changing world. An ethic of civic-mindedness and individual and collective duty to foster positive social change is realized through the practice of liberal learning and a recognition that innovation, collaboration, and service with community partners is fundamental to the educational enterprise.


UMF’s sense of place is shaped by the aesthetic, environmental, recreational, and intellectual heritage of the western Maine region. The bounty of the landscape and the locale contributes materially to a range of academic fields at UMF, to the exciting diversity of the extra- and co-curricular life of the University, and to our reciprocal relationships in support of the important work of our neighbors in western Maine. To fulfill its complementary responsibilities to the region and to the State, the University also reaches out to national and international domains to broaden students’ educational experience and assure that they are well prepared for employment and citizenship in contexts that are richly diverse and global.

— Approved 9/22/14 by the University of Maine System Board of Trustees