Farmington in Four: Graduate from the University of Maine at Farmington in 4 years or the rest of your program is FREE.

The University of Maine at Farmington understands that many students and families assume that college will be a rewarding four-year experience — then it’s on to the job market, graduate school, or professional school. But too often this timetable is delayed.

Indeed, trends for the past 10 years show that just 37 percent of all college students complete their bachelor’s degree in four years (even when starting at so-called “four-year colleges“). The average time to degree now exceeds five years.

That’s why at UMF we’ve developed Farmington in Four, an innovative commitment to ensure you can complete your University of Maine at Farmington degree in four years — or required coursework in your fifth year is on us. *

* The Farmington in Four guarantee covers tuition, mandatory fees, and required books and materials for any coursework required for the completion of your bachelor’s degree beyond the fourth year of study.

Get Started, Get Done, Get On Your Way

Farmington in Four is not for every student; some may have good reasons to stretch their education across five or six years. But it has expressly been designed for any first-year student, in any major, who wishes to graduate in four years. It’s not just for those who come here knowing precisely what they want to study, right from the start. It’s also for students who want to explore a variety of options before committing to a specific degree program. Farmington in Four provides you time to explore academic interests or to discover new interests.

If this sounds appealing to you, then Farmington in Four may be the ideal way for you to complete your degree in four years, allowing you to begin to realize your professional dreams a full year or two earlier than your peers at many other colleges. That’s a real competitive advantage.

It’s also an economic advantage, the rationale being that if you complete your degree in four years (as opposed to five or six) it will cost you less in the long run, saving on room & board, mandatory fees and more. It may also help you graduate with fewer loans and less debt. And you avoid the opportunity costs (i.e., lost wages and benefits) that come from a delayed entry into the job market.

How Does it Work? It Takes a Partnership

Farmington in Four relies on a strong partnership between you and the University. You need to do certain things and so do we.

On your end: You declare your major by May 1 at the end of your first year, do your work, pass your classes, follow the advice of your academic advisor and meet your deadlines.

On our end: We provide the outstanding academic advising we’re known for, offer the courses you’ll need in a timely manner, monitor your progress so there are no surprises, and stay in constant contact with you over the course of your studies.

We are absolutely committed to your success in this endeavor.

Your Academic Advisor

In order to graduate in four years, you’ll work closely with your academic advisor, someone who will help to map out your course selections and scheduling options to meet your degree requirements, while guiding you to experience the rich variety of academic and co-curricular offerings UMF is known for.

For additional information about Farmington in Four, contact the UMF Office of Admission.

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