The Farmington in Four Guarantee for Graduation is designed for students who wish to graduate from the University of Maine at Farmington in four years. It applies to all academic majors and is available to all first-year students who begin their studies in the fall semester.

Farmington in Four relies on a mutual commitment, from the student to follow a list of practical guidelines while attending college, and from the University to ensure that required courses or acceptable alternatives are available and to provide timely and accurate academic advising.

The University of Maine at Farmington recognizes that a four-year timetable to graduation is not for everyone. For example, students may have work or personal responsibilities that require the flexibility of part-time study; or their interest in combining multiple academic options may require more than four years.

Students who choose the Farmington in Four option have the responsibility to:

  • Select a major (including in some instances a concentration) by May 1 of their first year. Students declaring an Individualized major must do so by May 1 of their second year.
  • Complete first-year or “gateway” requirements for the major prior to fall semester of the second year.
  • Remain in the selected major (students who change their major may re-apply for Farmington in Four; the guarantee will be extended wherever feasible).
  • Meet with their academic advisor during the fall or spring semester of the first year to develop an official four-year graduation plan.
  • Meet with their academic advisor each semester to discuss their progress and proposed modifications needing approval (if any) to the graduation plan.
  • Meet with their academic advisor during pre-registration, register for agreed-upon courses, register in a timely manner, and meet all deadlines for the payment of bills.
  • Notify their academic advisor in a timely fashion whenever a required course is not available.
  • Complete 32 credit hours per year (which can include coursework during winter, May, and summer terms), including satisfactory grades in all courses that meet degree requirements.
  • Maintain the minimum GPA required by the major.
  • Meet deadlines for timely passage of Praxis I and Praxis II exams (applies only to students in teacher certification programs).
  • Maintain continuous matriculation (fall and spring semesters) for all four years.

In turn, the University of Maine at Farmington will:

  • Provide each student with an academic advisor who will assist him or her with the development and ongoing assessment of an individualized graduation plan.
  • Ensure that its students are provided accurate information about degree requirements.
  • Provide acceptable alternatives or course substitutions if a required course is not available.
  • Encourage and support students in obtaining research and internship opportunities that will enhance their careers and maintain required progress to on-time graduations.
  • Guarantee that students will be able to complete their program of study in four years (typically by spring semester of the fourth year; Farmington in Four students needing to register for classes during the May and/or summer terms of their fourth year will be allowed to participate in the May Commencement).
  • Wherever feasible, stop the plan’s clock if students need a leave of absence from the University because of serious extenuating circumstances such as health or family problems or military obligations. In these instances, the circumstances must be reported and satisfactorily documented to the Provost.
  • Waive tuition, fees, and charges for required books and materials for any coursework needed for the bachelor’s degree following completion of four years of study (i.e., beginning with fall term of the fifth year).


    1. The University will work with students interested in study abroad and/or national student exchange to try to accommodate these plans in their Farmington in Four course of study. In most instances, especially with early planning, study away for a semester can be accommodated. Timely planning with an advisor is critical.
    2. Students who lose their eligibility for Farmington in Four (e.g., because of poor academic performance, late registration, or a change of major) may apply for reinstatement. The University will undertake an individual assessment and may set conditions for continuing eligibility if a four-year timeline to degree is still feasible.

    Review / print the actual Farmington in Four Pledge form (.pdf)

    For additional information about Farmington in Four, contact the UMF Office of Admission.

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