Ongoing Events

Shiretown Bookers Spring exhibition, ?To Sail Beyond the Sunset: the Influence of the Odyssey?
Mantor Library
June 15-June 15, 2017 MORE
Cost: FREE
Audience: Open to the public

The Shiretown Bookers are proud to announce their Spring exhibition, ?To Sail Beyond the Sunset: the Influence of the Odyssey?, running from March 15th through June 15th, in the Bookers? gallery area in Mantor Library at 116 South Street in Farmington. The Odyssey of Homer, taken together with the Iliad, constitutes the oldest surviving work of Western Literature. The story of Odysseus? homeward wanderings has stirred the adventurous imagination for nearly 3000 years and has served as inspiration for many of our great poems, tales, novels, and movies. Ulysses, by James Joyce, which follows the plot of the Odyssey through a day in Dublin in 1904, is widely acclaimed as the greatest novel of the twentieth century. Odysseus has wandered into other works as well. He appears in Dante, in Shakespeare, in Katzanzakis, in Robert Graves and Zachery Mason, and in the post-modern works of John Barth. Penelope has figured in a literature of her own, inspiring strong feminist work by Atwood, Leclerc, and La Spina. The Shiretown Bookers (The Community Friends of Mantor Library) are a group of book lovers and collectors who support the university library by fostering its relationship with the community. The group provides free exhibitions and lectures on bookish subjects throughout the year.
For More Information Call: (207) 778-7210

Coming Events

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

StepUp! UMF Training
Lincoln Auditorium, Gwilym Roberts Center
11:45am MORE
Cost: FREE
Audience: Open to the public

Have you ever been left with the nagging feeling that someone should have intervened in an event where someone was uncomfortable? A Courageous Bystander is someone who takes an active role in promoting a respectful environment, or who takes action to safely and responsibly interfere with abusive behaviors, statements, or attitudes. This interactive program helps participants learn ways to be a courageous bystander and possibly save someone from victimization and trauma.
For More Information Call: 207-778-7200

Resume Workshop
The Landing, UMF Olsen Student Center
12:00pm MORE
Cost: FREE
Audience: UMF Community Only

Need a resume for a job or internship? Join us for an informal workshop about resumes. If you have a resume, bring it...if not, we'll get you started on one.
For More Information Call: 207-778-7040

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Price Is Right
Mt. Blue High School, 129 Seamon Rd, Farmington, ME
5:00pm MORE
Cost: $10.00 per ticket
Audience: Open to the public

Farmington Rotary is sponsoring it's annual "The Price Is Right" show on Saturday, March 25th at Mt. Blue High School beginning at 5:00 pm Game Show theme: Come As You Are Contact Kirsten Swan ( to get tickets in advance.
For More Information Call: 207-778-7593