On-campus housing puts you right smack in the center of our vibrant campus community, where you’ll have easy access to student events and campus activities and be able to form study groups — days, nights and weekends.

Each of our residence halls offers a different  lifestyle, vibe, theme and specialty housing option. From stately column & portico buildings, to new LEED-certified environmentally-innovative suite-style, to newly renovated apartment-style living arrangement, to traditional college residence hall design, UMF offers many living options.

All residence halls have self-locking, pass-card entries; Wi-Fi and wired interwebs access; kitchenettes; card-operated laundry facilities; vending machines and locked mailboxes.

Each residence hall building has a main lounge on the first floor which are used for meetings, studying, watching TV and hanging out. Some common areas have additional amenities, such as pool tables or a piano. (Yes, a piano. And it actually gets used!)

And every hall has professional and student staff on-site to help you: to give you advice and guidance, help you plan activities, connect you to the on- and off campus resources you need and more.

Themed / specialty housing gives students with similar interests or a particular academic focus the opportunity to live together and create a residence community and targeted learning environment.

Themed and specialty housing options for 2017-2018

  • All-Female Community (Scott Hall-South 1st & 2nd floor)
  • LGBTQ / Rainbow Alliance (Scott Hall-South 3rd floor)
  • Scholars Community (Scott Hall-West)
  • Cooperative / Apartment-style Living (Lockwood)
  • Independent / Suite-style Living (Frances Allen Black Hall)
  • Teaching / Education-Themed Community (Purington Hall)
  • Quiet Floor (Mallett Hall 1st floor)
  • Outdoors Enthusiasts (Mallett Hall 2nd floor)
  • The Arts / Writers Community (Mallett Hall 3rd floor)
  • Wellness / Substance-Free Community (Stone Hall)

New for Fall 2017: A first-year on-campus residency requirement.

We want you to get your college career off on the right foot and give you the absolute best opportunity to succeed.

Our research has shown that our most successful students — those who became truly immersed in all we have to offer: academics, extracurricular activities, social life, research, volunteer opportunities, everything —  lived on campus their very first year. In fact, on-campus residency has proven to be so valuable to our students’ success, we’re making it a requirement for first-year students beginning Fall 2017. Learn more about our residency requirement here.

Nine Different Residence Halls / Nine Different Ways to Live

Scott Hall Complex


  • Scholars Community (those with a 3.0+ GPA)
  • Capacity: 75 occupants
  • Connected to Scott-South and Scott-North
  • Coed
  • All bathrooms single-user
  • Access to large lounge in middle of complex
  • Kitchenette and laundry in basement


  • All-Female Community (1st & 2nd floor)
  • LGBTQ / Rainbow Alliance (3rd floor)
  • Connected to the Main Lounge & Scott-West
  • Capacity: 160 Occupants
  • Single-gender
  • All bathrooms single-user
  • Kitchenette access in Scott-West
  • Laundry in basement


  • Traditional Residence Hall
  • Capacity: 160 occupants
  • Coed
  • All bathrooms single-user
  • Apartment-style dorms (4)
  • Connected to Scott-West
  • Lounge on first floor
  • Kitchenette and laundry in basement

Mallett Hall

  • Quiet Floor (1st Floor)
  • Outdoors Enthusiasts (2nd Floor)
  • The Arts / Writers (3rd Floor)
  • Capacity: 122 occupants
  • Themed Housing
  • Coed
  • Coed bathrooms
  • Fireplaced student lounge on first floor
  • Kitchenette and laundry in basement

Purington Hall

  • Education-Themed Community (Education majors and those interested in the field of Education.)
  • Capacity: 119 students
  • Themed & coed Housing
  • All bathrooms single-user
  • Fireplaced student lounge on first floor

Stone Hall

  • Carolyn Stone Wellness Community (those who support a healthy lifestyle and who choose a substance-free environment)
  • Capacity: 119 students
  • Coed
  • All bathrooms single-user
  • Kitchenette and laundry in basement

Dakin Hall

  • Traditional Residence Hall
  • Capacity: 149 occupants
  • Coed
  • All bathrooms coed
  • Connected by an east-west portico to Lockwood Hall
  • Kitchenette and laundry in basement

Frances Allen Black (FAB) Hall

  • Independent-Living / Suite-Style Community
  • Capacity: 98 occupants
  • Available for Juniors and Seniors only
  • Coed by suite
  • All bathrooms are incorporated with suites
  • Laundry on each floor
  • All bathrooms incorporated into suites
  • Lounge / common rooms in each suite

Lockwood Hall

  • Juniors & Seniors only
  • Renovated kitchen & dining room
  • Meal plan is optional
  • With some exception, rooms in Lockwood Hall are used as single rooms
  • Capacity: 54 occupants
  • Connected by a west-east portico to Dakin Hall
  • Coed
  • All bathrooms coed
  • Large kitchenette on first floor
  • Student lounge on the first floor
  • Laundry in basement