The buildings may look similar, but this is probably not the on-campus residential experience your parents had when they were in college. It’s better!

Here are some of the amenities you’ll find in today’s residence halls at the University of Maine at Farmington:



Each residence hall building is locked 24/ 7. Entry is granted to residents only through our electronic card access control system. We provide emergency phones and outdoor call boxes throughout campus, including at outlying parking lots, each linked directly to the UMF Public Safety Dept. communication system. We also offer an Inter-Campus Escort service (I.C.E.) which provides walking security escort service any time a student feels they need one.

Wi-Fi and Wired Access

Of course, each residence hall room has full internet access – Wi-Fi and Wired. And unlike some colleges, all of our campus buildings also have very good Wi-Fi access, allowing you to save on your phone’s data plan — and get work done — everywhere on campus.

Zoe and friend in room Lockwood

Room Furnishings

All double rooms in the residence halls are furnished with 2 beds, 2 study desks, 2 chairs, 2 bureaus, 2 closets or wardrobes, overhead lighting, 2 data ports, 1 cable TV hook-up and 1 phone line.


Each residence hall building has a main lounge on the first floor which can be used for meetings, studying, watching TV and hanging out. There’s an assortment of chairs and couches, along with TVs and study tables. Some common areas have additional amenities, such as pool tables or a piano. Yes, a piano. And yes, the pianos actually get used. It’s such a nice surprise to come home your residence hall to find someone from your building randomly playing really well. (It happens a lot.)

Guys in dorm 157

Laundry Facilities

Each residence hall comes equipped with card-operated washers and dryers. These cards act much like debit cards, with money deducted from the card with each load of laundry. Each new student is given a laundry card with a small amount of money pre-loaded during Orientation, and laundry cards can be purchased or refilled at a machine conveniently located outside the dining hall in the Olsen Student Center.

No more need to hoard quarters — or to stockpile a semester’s worth of dirty clothes to bring home to wash. And please, Febreze is no substitute for doing your laundry. (Your roommate and your Mom will appreciate this.)

FAB Dorm 4 girls


All residence halls feature small kitchenettes that is accessible to all students and most have microwave ovens, stoves, and refrigerators. In our suite-style residence hall (Francis Allen Black Hall) each suite has its own kitchenette.


Phones & TV

We know everyone has a cell phone but just thought we’d tell you each room has an outlet for one land-line phone. Local land-line calls are free but students pay all costs for long distance land-line calls.

Each room is cable-TV ready, with 44 basic channels provided at no additional cost. A larger cable package is provided in the main lounge of each hall — great for group watching.


On-Campus Parking

Of course, you may bring your car to campus. (Many colleges prohibit freshmen from bringing cars.) Here, you just pick up a $20 annual parking permit from the UMF Public Safety Dept. within the first week of class and you’re good to go for the year.

Shuttle Service

No car?  No problem. We offer regular local shuttle service (each Tuesday and Wednesday night) to the Farmington Walmart and Hannaford Supermarket.

We also provide weekend shuttle service from campus to the Concord Coach Lines bus station in nearby Augusta (drop-offs Friday afternoon, pick-ups Sunday afternoons). The Concord Coach Line also goes to Portland where you can connect to the Amtrak / Downeaster Train Terminal — leading to Boston’s South Station; and Boston’s Logan Airport.