At UMF, about 90% of our first-year students, and more than half of all students, live in the residence halls. We have nine residence halls for you to choose from, each housing 80-140 students.

Every residence hall is tobacco-free, safe (passcard-protected entry only), has free Internet and Wi-Fi, and is wired for cable TV. They also have quiet study areas, social lounges, meeting areas and on-site laundry facilities.

Each residence hall (and floor) hosts regular fun functions: cookouts, movie nights at the local theater, yoga classes, intramural teams, off-campus excursions, and more.

Every hall has professional and student staff on-site to help you: to give you guidance and advice, help plan activities, connect you to the on- and off campus resources you need, and more.

Campus Housing to Fit Your Lifestyle

There are seven separate residence halls at UMF:

The Scott Hall Complex consists of three different residential wings. Scott North is a co-ed building offering single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. Scott South is an all-women residential wing on the first two floors. On the third floor of Scott South is the Rainbow Alliance Floor. Scott West, the newest wing in the complex, is a Scholar community open to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Each wing in the Scott Complex features single-user bathrooms.

Dakin Hall is a co-ed building offering single and double rooms.

Lockwood Hall is connected to Dakin Hall through a breezeway. Lockwood is an apartment / cooperative style living community for UMF juniors and seniors.

Purington Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus and has undergone recent renovations. It offers single-user bathrooms and is home to the Education-themed community.

Mallett Hall is one of our oldest residence halls. There are themed floors for groups of students who have similar interests living in a quiet community, the outdoors, and the humanities.

Stone Hall (also known as the Carolyn Stone Wellness Hall) is designed for students who wish to live a substance-free lifestyle: this includes alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Stone Hall promotes a healthy environment and lifestyle through social and educational programs. Students who move into this building are required to sign an additional agreement stating that they will not possess or use any of the aforementioned substances.

Frances Allen Black Hall (also known as FAB) is a suite-style building that opened in January 2006. It was built using LEED standards of environmentally-friendly practices and is known as our “green” residence hall. FAB is an independent living community for students in good judicial standing. Each suite has a small common area and a bathroom with shower. Laundry, study and lounge areas are located on each floor. There is a main lounge and kitchen for student use, as well as bicycle storage accessible from the outside. Frances Allen Black Hall is typically reserved for juniors and seniors.