VP Admin/Human Resources

Armstrong, Kathleen
ADA Coordinator
Phone: 207.581.1227
Clough, Megan
Director of Learning and Organizational Development
Phone: 207.262.7913
Falco, Kathleen
Director of Finance
Phone: 207.778.7280
Futia, Roxanne
Associate Human Resources Partner
Phone: 207.778.7271
Gardner, Laurie
Chief Business Officer - UMF
Phone: 207.778.7272
Gilbert, Andrew
Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL3
Phone: 207.778.7875
Harebo, Sarah
Director of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 207.581.1221
Hutchinson, Ernestine
Coordinator of Conferences and Events
Phone: 207.778.7344
Leighton, Mikel
HRIS Analyst
Phone: 207.581.5853
Parker, Amie
Director of Human Resources - UMA/UMF
Phone: 207.592.3618
Turner, Lisa
HRIS Analyst
Phone: 207.778.7479
Tyler, Ricky
HR Operations Specialist (Conf) CL3
Phone: 207.778.7246