Koban, Lori
Professor of Mathematics
2004 PhD Binghamton University; 1997 BA Eastern Nazarene College; 2000 MAT Binghamton University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematics Education, Matroid Theory

Lori Koban's research is in combinatorics, especially matroids and their connections with graph theory. The main topic of her work is gain and biased graphs. These are graphs with additional structure that leads to new graphical matroids. The theories of gain and biased graphs are being developed by her advisor, Thomas Zaslavsky, in a series of papers entitled Biased Graphs.  She has developed interests in both actuarial education and mathematics education. 

Lange, Gail
Professor Mathematics/Computer Science
PhD University of New Hampshire; MS University of New Hampshire; BS University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise
Computer Science: Computer Graphics, Database Systems, Networking, Statistics
Health Information Systems: Statistical Epidemiology, Computing, Biostatistics
Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Algebra, Computer Science, Group Theory, Probability, Topology

Gail has applied her expertise in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing at the Harvard School of Public Health in modeling risk analysis as well as developing theoretical measures in Biostatistics. In addition she has worked at Jackson Labs in Bar Harbor in the genomic area and including particularly conserved sequence elements from man to mouse. As both a Mathematician and a Computer Scientist, she applies both of these areas to development of algorithms and proving their correctness, three-dimensional graphics, and image processing. Gail is an avid biker and ocean kayaker. She also enjoys tennis, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Mitchell, Clyde
Professor of Business
2007 PhD University of KwaZulu-Natal; 2001 MS University of Natal; 1988 BS University of Cape Town
Areas of Expertise
Business Economics: Accounting, Business Ethics, Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting
Outdoor Recreation and Business Administration:

Dr. Mitchell has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He trained as an accountant and auditor with Ernst and Young in South Africa, after which he worked as a management consultant before joining academia. Prior to UMF he taught at two major South African Universities, where he taught both graduate and undergraduate Accounting and Finance. His PhD and primary research interests are in the field of Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting. He currently teaches on the Business Economics Program and the Outdoor Recreation Business Administration interdisciplinary programs at UMF.

Jackson, Daniel
Associate Professor of Mathematics
2005 PhD University of Notre Dame; 2000 MS Michigan State University; 1998 BS Michigan State University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Algebraic Geometry, Complex Numbers, Dynamical Systems

Dr. Daniel Jackson's research interests include fractals, plane curves, and applied math. His personal interests include gardening (mostly vegetables and tree fruit) and hiking in the Western Maine Mountains.