The University of Maine at Farmington’s program in Art and Visual Culture challenges students as thinkers and writers to engage contemporary and historical art and its dialogue with other images and objects that create a visual culture.

The program fosters inquiry into the ideas, processes, and meanings of the arts. Students develop a strong critical voice as they interpret the connections between societies and the images they produce, preparing them for graduate studies or careers in the arts and writing.

You will be encouraged, through coursework and creative projects, to engage in discussion, study, and collaboration with students and faculty across all disciplines, thereby challenging the boundaries that have traditionally separated us.

At the heart of the program are the three Project courses. The gateway into the program is Project 1, a course where all arts majors work with faculty to pursue a topic, idea, or project, with each student making a unique contribution to the collective vision.

In Project 2, sophomores and juniors work together on a project connected to the community for public presentation, largely independent from faculty.

Project 3, the culmination of the degree, is a thesis paper, artistic project, or internship, providing seniors with a launching pad for their career after UMF.

Degree Earned

Bachelor of Arts: Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Visual Culture

What Courses Might You Take?

Because the University of Maine at Farmington is a liberal arts college, every student – in every major – will take courses in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. In addition, you will also get to choose interesting classes specifically tailored to this program, such as:

SPV 200A Project 1
ARH 114A Visual Culture I
ARH 274A Modern Art
SPV 266A Art: What Is It Good For?
ART 120A Art on the Edge
ARH 376A History of Photography