Dalpour, Shahrokh
Professor of Business
1996 Post Doctorate University of Northern Colorado; 1991 Post Doctorate Idaho State University; 1987 EdD University of Northern Colorado; 1974 BS National University of Iran; 1979 MBA Business Administartion, University of Northen Colorado
Areas of Expertise
Business Psychology: Human Resources Management, Human Resources Develpoment, Management and Organizational Development

Dr Dalpour  teaches courses in Business  with an emphasis on strategy nationally and internationally  in business management, marketing, human resources managment and development  . Waleck  has traveled and worked worldwide, and is a local and international consultant in business and management. He conducts lecture courses nearly every year at the Universite du Maine at Lemans, France. As well as cooperating with Fatih University Selcuk University in Turkey, and Tarto university in Estonia. Waleck is currentley member of international and global studies committee. He has been involved as an advisor for International Studies and International Students. Waleck was appointed as Ambassador of International Trade for Governor Angus King and teaching as Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Business M.B.A program at Southern New Hampshire University.   

Kaufman, Brian
Associate Professor of Psychology
1990 PhD Old Dominion University; 1980 MS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 1978 BA State University of New York at Stony Brook
Areas of Expertise
Business Psychology:

Interest in the psychology of the workplace developed from a variety of summer jobs, as Dr. Kaufman realized the ample opportunities to apply principles of psychology to our workplaces. Work can either be satisfying & nourishing to our human needs, or can be the source of issues that leave people feeling confused, angry, & depleted long after the work day is done.  Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, his early observations of workplace issues were derived from a variety of positions at the NY State Insurance Fund and the NY State Attorney General's office. After earning credentials in I/O Psychology, he worked with the Troy, NY Fire Department and Norfolk, VA's Human Resources assessment centers & affirmative action projects; developed programs for Newport News Child Protective Services & Employment Services for the Hard Core unemployed, & assorted retail projects. In Maine he has worked on the boards of many non-profits & offers LGBT advocacy.

Messier, John
Associate Professor of Economics
2005 PhD American University; 1998 BA Economics, Richard Stockton College
Areas of Expertise
Business Psychology: Behavioral Economics

John is an economist and advocate for social justice.   He has worked with informal vendors in Quito Ecuador and coffee growers in Mexico and Nicaragua.  He led a student group to Chiapas Mexico on a research project investigating the impact of fair trade participation on childhood nutrition and education.  Most recently he spent time in Matagalpa Nicaragua working with fair trade and traditional coffee growers and plans on returning with a student group.  His course offerings include International Economic Development, International Trade and Finance and Behavioral Economics.  When not in the classroom, John enjoys hiking, travelling and gardening.