Lange, Gail
Professor Mathematics/Computer Science
PhD University of New Hampshire; MS University of New Hampshire; BS University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise
Computer Science: Computer Graphics, Database Systems, Networking, Statistics
Health Information Systems: Statistical Epidemiology, Computing, Biostatistics
Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Algebra, Computer Science, Group Theory, Probability, Topology

Gail has applied her expertise in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing at the Harvard School of Public Health in modeling risk analysis as well as developing theoretical measures in Biostatistics. In addition she has worked at Jackson Labs in Bar Harbor in the genomic area and including particularly conserved sequence elements from man to mouse. As both a Mathematician and a Computer Scientist, she applies both of these areas to development of algorithms and proving their correctness, three-dimensional graphics, and image processing. Gail is an avid biker and ocean kayaker. She also enjoys tennis, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Bennett, Christopher
Associate Professor of Computer Science
2007 PhD University of Georgia; 1997 BBA University of Georgia
Areas of Expertise
Computer Science: Computer Science Education, Data Mining, Information Systems
Interactive Media:

Chris Bennett grew up near Atlanta, Georgia, moving to Maine with his wife in 2007. He enjoys sports, technology, the outdoors, reading, and spending time with family and friends. He lives in Wilton, Maine, with his wife, two sons, and a variety of animals.