Karno, Donna
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Phone: 207.778.7561
2008 PhD The Ohio State University; 2000 MS The Ohio State University; 1987 MA The Ohio State University; 1982 BS Arizona State University
Areas of Expertise
Early Childhood Education: Education policy, Technology, models and approaches, social studies

Dr. Donna Karno teaches in the on-campus Bachelor's program, the off-campus Bachelor's program, the MS Ed. in Early Childhood degree program, and the MS Ed Instructional Technology collaborative degree program.  Since entering the profession of early childhood education, she has worked in many different capacities including as a consultant, lead teacher, and preschool director.  She brings all of these experiences to the classroom as a way to connect the academic with field work.  Dr. Karno is involved in teaching and research using digital technologies in the early childhood profession on the local, state and national levels.  With an MA in political science and teaching experience in post-secondary social science, Dr. Karno maintains an active interest in public policy.  

Overstreet, Deborah
Associate Professor of Literacy
Phone: 207.778.7506
1994 EdD University of Georgia; 1986 BA University of Central Florida; 1988 MED University of Georgia
Areas of Expertise
Elementary Education: Children's Literature, Diversity, Teaching Writing, Whedon Studies, Young Adult Literature

Dr. Overstreet’s interest in popular culture has lead her to teach several First Year Seminars focusing on the television work of Joss Whedon and the films of Joel and Ethan Coen.  Her interest in young adult literature has culminated in writing two books that examine this literature—the most recent being vampire literature.   Additionally, Dr. Overstreet teaches writing and teaches future teachers to teach writing.  

Pu, Ming-Ming
Professor of English
Phone: 207.778.7427
1982 BA Hefei Polytechnic University; 1984 MA Huazhong University of Science and Technology; 1991 PhD University of Alberta
Areas of Expertise
English: Linguistics

Ming-Ming Pu teaches courses in linguistics and first-year composition. She specializes in psycholinguistics. Her research interests lie mainly in exploring the fundamental relationship between language and cognition, especially how universal cognitive factors of memory and attention constrain the way we use language, and what general cognitive strategies we employ to facilitate language processing. She has been conducting empirical studies as well as comparative discourse analyses between Chinese and English, which have demonstrated that these two historically unrelated languages share common characteristics in discourse processing regardless of their morphosyntactic differences. In addition to her book Discourse Anaphora, she has published in linguistic journals such as Discourse Processes, Chinese Language Studies, Cognitive Linguistics, Canadian Journal of Linguistics and contributed chapters in numerous books.

Strople, Christopher
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: 207.778.7015
2013 PhD Education, Chapman University
Areas of Expertise
Elementary Education:

Dr. Christopher Strople teaches social studies methods and diversity courses.  He taught elementary school in southern California for over ten years before transitioning into higher education.  Prior to joining UMF he taught at the university level for several years while working to complete his doctoral program.  His research interests include social justice, curriculum theory and art/aesthetic education.  Chris enjoys art, traveling, and spending time outdoors. 

Thompson, Clarissa
Associate Professor of English Middle-Secondary Ed
Phone: 207.778.7192
1987 BA English, Wesleyan University; 1992 MED Curriculum and Instruction, Harvard Graduate School of Education; 2002 PhD Teacher Education, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Washington
Areas of Expertise
Secondary Education: English: new teacher learning, pedagogy and prospective teachers

Clarissa Thompson teaches courses for prospective secondary and middle teachers.  For all students in the Secondary Education program, she teaches a Content Literacy course.  For students preparing to be English teachers, she teaches English Methods and Young Adult Literature.  Her interests, both teaching and research, center on new teachers, and the process of learning to teach, as well as the transition students go through, as they travel from their college and teacher preparation experience into their first few years of teaching.  She loves reading Young Adult Literature, both for work and for fun, as well as trying to make poetry a more daily and fun part of her classroom.  In what little free time she has, she loves baking cakes, looking at birds, and skiing and hanging out with her children.

Wilson, Maja
Assistant Professor of Secondary Education
Phone: 207.778.7385
2013 PhD English, University of New Hampshire
Areas of Expertise
Secondary Education: English: pedagogy and prospective teachers

Before joining the Secondary/Middle Education faculty at UMF, Maja Wilson taught for ten years in Michigan's public schools, and she was a lecturer in the Literacy Program at University of Maine, Orono. Her scholarly interests include writing assessment, automated essay scoring, teacher agency, the accountability movement, and the history and consequences of behaviorism in American education.  She is the author of Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment (Heinemann, 2006), which won the Conference on English Education's James Britton Award in 2007.  In addition, her work has been published in several edited collections and in Educational Leadership, Rethinking Schools, English Journal, Kappan, Education Week, Journal of Teaching Writing, and the Washington Post Answer Sheet.  She currently teaches History and Philosophy of Education and Introduction to Secondary/Middle Education.