Department of Psychology

Jamison, Rhonda
Assistant Professor Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7885
2014 PhD Educational Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 2007 MA General Psychology, University of North Florida; 2005 BS Psychology, University of North Florida
Areas of Expertise

Dr. Rhonda Jamison is especially interested in the relationships and/or environments that are associated with positive learning outcomes. In her most recent research, she has examined this through the lens of peer relations and teacher-student relations. In her classroom, she focuses on creating an active, social, learner-centered environment where students can engage with the material and construct their own knowledge.Other areas of interest are: Middle school transition, Motivation and Achievement, Child and Adolescent Development, Educational Psychology.

Kaufman, Brian
Associate Professor Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7379
1990 PhD Old Dominion University; 1980 MS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 1978 BA State University of New York at Stony Brook
Areas of Expertise
Business Psychology:
Psychology: Career Development, Cultural Diversity, Group Work, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Lesbian/Gay Issues, Media and Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Persuasion, Psychology in Cinema, Sport Psychology

Interest in the psychology of the workplace developed from a variety of summer jobs, as Dr. Kaufman realized the ample opportunities to apply principles of psychology to our workplaces. Work can either be satisfying & nourishing to our human needs, or can be the source of issues that leave people feeling confused, angry, & depleted long after the work day is done.  Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, his early observations of workplace issues were derived from a variety of positions at the NY State Insurance Fund and the NY State Attorney General's office. After earning credentials in I/O Psychology, he worked with the Troy, NY Fire Department and Norfolk, VA's Human Resources assessment centers & affirmative action projects; developed programs for Newport News Child Protective Services & Employment Services for the Hard Core unemployed, & assorted retail projects. In Maine he has worked on the boards of many non-profits & offers LGBT advocacy.

King, Joel
Professor Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7381
1987 PhD Cornell University; 1974 BA State University of New York at Binghamton
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Assessment of Families in Poverty, Assessment of School Programs, Infant and Child Development, Parenting, Statistical Applications

Joel King received his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University in 1987, and has been teaching at UMF since1988.  During his tenure, he has been Chair of the Psychology Department, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, and a 20 + year member of the Integrative Studies Program Council.  He is the faculty advisor to the Psi Chi Club, the College Democrats, and Camp Summit for children with autism. Dr. King teaches Child Development, Senior Seminar, Psychological Statistics, and Parenting and has been recognized eight times as faculty member of the year during his time at UMF.  Even after 25 years, time spent with students still remains his top priority.

Lekes, Natasha
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7287
2012 PhD Clinical Psychology, McGill University; 2003 MED Human Development and Psychology, Harvard Graduate School of Education; 1998 BA Psychology, McGill University
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Sex and Couple Therapy, Values and Well-being

As a therapist, teacher, and researcher, Natasha Lekes is passionate about the role
that psychology can play in helping people to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.
Her practice as a psychologist has included individual counseling, couples therapy,
and sex therapy. She feels privileged to guide students in exploring questions
on how mental disorder is defined and treated, views on death and dying, and
approaches to mental health and well-being. Dr. Lekes’ research has examined the
relationship between values and happiness. Her work is most recently published in
the Journal of Positive Psychology.

Maybury, Karol
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7067
1997 PhD University of California, Davis; 1994 MA University of California, Davis; 1989 BA Regis College
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Gender and Social Development, Human Emotion, Media and Psychology, Personality Psychology, Positive Psychology, Social Psychology

Karol Maybury is an active member of the Committee on Adolescent Girls through the American Psychological Association's Society for the Psychology of Women. She and a team of UMF students produce a podcast on the latest research on teens, social and emotional development, and parenting.  In addition to teaching and conducting research in the area of Positive Psychology, the Psychology of Gender, and Research Methods, she leads the UMF Social Psychology Lab – comprised of a team of undergraduates who conduct research on social media, sexual development, bullying, and healthy family/community relationships.

Quackenbush, Steven
Professor of Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7518
1996 PhD Kansas State University; 1992 MS Kansas State University; 1989 BA California State University
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Aging, History of Psychology, Moral Development, Psychobiography, Research Methods

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Steven Quackenbush completed his Ph.D. in social-personality psychology at Kansas State University in 1996. As a UMF faculty member, Dr. Quackenbush has taught a broad range of courses, including General Psychology (PSY 101), Adulthood and Aging (PSY 226), and Cognitive Psychology (PSY 314).   His scholarly interests include the history of psychology and narrative approaches to the study of lifespan personality development.  Dr. Quackenbush’s recent publications have explored issues relevant to the narrative structure of personal identity as well as the general problem of theoretical unification in the social sciences.   Of his various accomplishments, Dr. Quackenbush is especially proud of his long track record of involving undergraduate students in original research.

Seabold, Dan
Professor Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7382
1983 PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison; 1979 MS University of Wisconsin-Madison
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Group Work, Transpersonal and Eastern Psychology

Dr. Dan stays clinically active as a Licensed Psychologist.  As a longstanding board member of Work First, an organization that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities he has been a strong advocate for the organization's three local thrift stores and other vocational opportunities for the disabled. Given his interests in the outdoors and land conservation, he assisted in the formation of Foothills Land Conservation and severed as the first president.  During his time in office, the organization was able to preserve 180 acres at the headwaters of Wilson Lake.  He also was instrumental in spearheading the formation of the Tumbledown Conservation Alliance through the combined efforts of Foothills and the Appalachian Mountain Club.  This organization went on to secure the funding and protection of 7,464 acres inside Mt. Blue as well as 18,311 acres on Tumbledown Mountain.

Shea, Marilyn
Professor Psychology
Phone: 207.778.7374
1974 PhD University of Kansas; 1971 MA University of Kansas; 1969 BA Drake University
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Creativity, Experimental, History and Systems, Learning - the application of psychological theory to the problem of second language acquisition, Physiological, Research Methods, Sensation and Perception, Social Psychology

In addition to her teaching responsibilities in psychology, Dr. Shea maintains a strong web presence through the creation and maintenance of her Chinese English Dictionary and Study Center. Check out her website:

Stepakoff, Shanee
Assistant Professor of Psychology
2000 PhD Clinical Psychology, St. John's University; 2009 MFA Creative Writing, The New School; 1984 BA Psychology, Clark University; 1993 MA Clinical/Community Psychology, University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise
Psychology: Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Dreams, especially the clinical use of long-term dream journals, Integration of Western and Indigenous Approaches to Healing, Jungian Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Transitional Justice, i.e., testifying in war crimes tribunals, Trauma, especially war and ethnic/political violence, Uses of Poetry, Expressive Writing, and Creative Arts in Psychotherapy

Dr. Stepakoff was the psychologist for the UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone for 2.5 years. She also spent 2 years as a psychologist/trainer for the Center for Victims of Torture, first in Guinea and later in Jordan. She has provided training to trauma treatment programs in Cambodia, South Africa, Liberia, and Zimbabwe. She was a clinician at Weill Cornell Medical College and at a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. She has taught at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Lesley University, and the Kint Institute Postgraduate Certificate Program in The Arts and Trauma Treatment, in NYC. A clinical psychologist, registered poetry therapist, writer, and member of NTL Institute, Shanee is the author or co-author of two dozen scholarly articles and book chapters. She and her 6 teammates received APA's 2006 International Humanitarian Award. In 2017 she won Reed Magazine's 1st prize for creative nonfiction.