Department of Mathematics

Bailey, Allen
Associate Professor Mathematics and Chairperson
Phone: 207.778.7245
1999 PhD University of Idaho; 1995 MS University of Idaho; 1993 BA Christian Brothers University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Algebra, History of Mathematics, Mathematics for Elementary Education

A native of Arkansas, Dr. Bailey arrived at UMF in 2000 after attending graduate school in Idaho.  As an undergraduate, he received a degree in history as well as mathematics, which explains a rather keen interest in the history of mathematics.   In his time at UMF, he has been involved with grants that focused on enhancing communication between math and science teachers at all levels and helping to better prepare high school students for college level mathematics classes.   He has served as Chair of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science since the fall of 2014 and is currently serving as chair of the Faculty Development Committee.   Outside of school, Allen likes to read, hike, plant trees, and root for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Gies, Paul
Associate Professor Mathematics
Phone: 207.778.7119
1995 PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 1987 MA Northeast Missouri State University; 1986 BS Northeast Missouri State University; 1978 BA University of Iowa
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Combinatorial Group Theory, Graph Theory, Group Theory, H. P. Lovecraft, Logic, Mathematics Education, Mathematics for Elementary Education, Set Theory, Theory of Computation

Paul J Gies likes to say that while he was not actually born on Pluto, his home asteroid was destroyed by Zerkons. He also likes to say that after receiving his English degree from Iowa, and working for ten years, he applied for graduate school in English, but evidently he put down the wrong code number and ended up in mathematics. Every time he went to change it, the line was too long, so at last Gies found it easier simply to write a thesis in math. It's easier than trying to explain how a child of a math-phobic father and a medieval historian mother, born in Connecticut, wound up with a bachelor's degree in English from Iowa and a math PhD from Illinois, and found a job teaching in Maine. The truth is that the job announcement from UMF looked too good to be true; the job turned out to be even better than it had looked; and that once here, he realized he was in the right place to teach, to mentor students, and to write, write, write.

Hardy, Peter
Associate Professor Mathematics
Phone: 207.778.7528
1998 PhD North Carolina State University; 1991 MS Montana State University; 1987 BS University of Maine at Orono;
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Combinatorics, Probability

Dr. Peter Hardy was born in the month of December, in the little town of Bethlehem…Pennsylvania.  Since then he has climbed Mt. Kenya on Christmas, slapped a seal in New Zealand, narrated a novel in Maine, snorkeled with sharks in Belize, betrothed a bride in Beijing, rode rapids in Bali, deferred a diploma in Mexico, rescued a rhesus in Rwanda, serenaded a street corner in Prague, and clutched a crocodile in Thailand.  Exactly one of those exploits is untrue.   He is currently teaching mathematics and zen, putting poetry to music and creating a sustainable lifestyle while living the dream with his family on Rainbow Farm in West Farmington.

Hardy, Sarah
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 207.778.7124
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Statistical Computing, Statistics
Jackson, Daniel
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 207.778.7318
2005 PhD University of Notre Dame; 2000 MS Michigan State University; 1998 BS Michigan State University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Algebraic Geometry, Complex Numbers, Dynamical Systems

Dr. Daniel Jackson's research interests include fractals, plane curves, and applied math. His personal interests include gardening (mostly vegetables and tree fruit) and hiking in the Western Maine Mountains.

Koban, Lori
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 207.778.7952
2004 PhD Binghamton University; 1997 BA Eastern Nazarene College; 2000 MAT Binghamton University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematics Education, Matroid Theory

Lori Koban's research is in combinatorics, especially matroids and their connections with graph theory. The main topic of her work is gain and biased graphs. These are graphs with additional structure that leads to new graphical matroids. The theories of gain and biased graphs are being developed by her advisor, Thomas Zaslavsky, in a series of papers entitled Biased Graphs.  She has developed interests in both actuarial education and mathematics education. 

Koban, Nicholas
Associate Provost and Dean of Arts & Science
Phone: 207.778.7117
2004 PhD SUNY-Binghamton; 2000 MA SUNY-Binghamton; 1997 BS Bloomsburg University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: Geometric Group Theory, Geometry, Topology

Nicholas Koban has been a mathematics professor at UMF since 2006, and he teaches a wide variety of courses in the mathematics major as well as for other disciplines.  He is interested in studying sets on which algebra can be performed (not necessarily sets of numbers), but uses geometry to study these algebraic sets instead of algebra.  Each year he hires a research assistant to help with studying these algebraic objects.  These students will usually assist in his research projects along with working on their own individual project.

Lange, Gail
Professor Mathematics/Computer Science
Phone: 207.778.7391
PhD University of New Hampshire; MS University of New Hampshire; BS University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise
Computer Science: Computer Graphics, Database Systems, Networking, Statistics
Health Information Systems: Statistical Epidemiology, Computing, Biostatistics
Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Algebra, Computer Science, Group Theory, Probability, Topology

Gail has applied her expertise in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing at the Harvard School of Public Health in modeling risk analysis as well as developing theoretical measures in Biostatistics. In addition she has worked at Jackson Labs in Bar Harbor in the genomic area and including particularly conserved sequence elements from man to mouse. As both a Mathematician and a Computer Scientist, she applies both of these areas to development of algorithms and proving their correctness, three-dimensional graphics, and image processing. Gail is an avid biker and ocean kayaker. She also enjoys tennis, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Mitchel, Pamela
Part-Time Faculty
Phone: 207.778.7291
1986 PhD University of Maine
Areas of Expertise
Elementary Education: Mathematics Education K-8
Secondary Education: Earth & Space Science: Meteorology
Secondary Education: Physical Science: Meteorology
Molinsky, Michael
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 207.778.7112
1991 BS Mathematics, Northeast Missouri State University; 1992 MA Mathematics, Northeast Missouri State University; 1996 DA Mathematics, Idaho State University
Areas of Expertise
Mathematics: History of Mathematics

Stories about the terrifying figure of Mike Molinsky have been told around the campfire for generations. One such tale involves a teenage couple parked in Lover's Lane on a dark, starless night. The radio was suddenly interrupted by a bulletin announcing Molinsky's escape from the local asylum for the criminally insane and warning all citizens to beware this menace. Although her boyfriend was unconcerned, the young woman became convinced that they should leave their isolated spot. Finally, when the car unexpectedly lurched as if something had bumped into it, she begged her boyfriend to take her home. He sullenly agreed, slamming the car into gear and angrily speeding away. When they arrived at the young woman's house, she got out of the car. As she turned to shut the door, she suddenly stepped backward and screamed in terror: from the handle of the car door hung a mathematics homework assignment, completely covered in blood-red ink!