Health Information Systems

Degree Earned
Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration in health information systems

The UMF interdisciplinary concentration in Health Information Systems is offered jointly through the departments of Business Economics, Computer Science, and Community Health Education, combining core courses in all three academic areas as well as new courses that have been developed specifically for this innovative program.


Industry leaders and state partners have been instrumental in tailoring the program content to provide the needed skills in this field within Maine. These industry links and partnerships also provide opportunities for internships, a core component of the program. Internships give you valuable outside-the-classroom, inside-the-industry learning experiences while also helping you to gain a better understanding of just how this growth industry works, connecting classroom theory to real-world practice as you make solid professional contacts and develop valuable, marketable skills.


The job market for health information technology has been growing at an exponential rate, largely due to changes in the industry such as electronic medical records, computerized “expert systems” to guide diagnoses and treatment recommendations, and data collection for assessment of the effectiveness of health programs.

This new academic offering is ideal for those who want to work for state or local public health agencies, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, international health agencies, federal health programs, healthcare providers, or work as IT professionals in jobs such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Clinical Informaticist
  • Clinical Application Manager
  • Information Systems Trainer Programmer / Analyst
  • Director of Information Technology (IT)
  • Chief Information Officer

What Courses Might You Take?

Because the University of Maine at Farmington is a liberal arts college, every student – in every major — will take courses in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. In addition, you will also get to choose interesting classes specifically tailored to this program, such as:

BUS 240 Financial Management
BUS 424 Healthcare Management
HEA 310 Principles of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
HEA 350 Principles of Epidemiology
COS 120 Internet Computing
COS 455 Database Systems


Note: Through the New England Regional Student Program, this program qualifies for a tuition discount of nearly $4,900 for residents of CT, MA, NH, RI and VT.