Bunnell, Sheena
Professor of Business Economics and Director of MHRI
1995 PhD Florida State University; 1991 MS Florida State University; 1988 MBA Plymouth State College; 1985 BSc Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi
Areas of Expertise
Business Economics: Consumer Behavior, Health Economics, Macroeconomics, Mangerial Economics, Money and Banking
Health Information Systems:
Interdisciplinary: Outdoor Recreation and Business Administration: Consumer Behavior

Sheena Bunnell teaches courses in Business Economics with an emphasis on application in applied quantitative research, healthcare, consumer trends, and current economic events. Her classes are interactive and engage students in real world business applications that focus on international and domestic markets. Business goes beyond borders and understanding global interdependence is vital for future enterepreneurs and financiers whether they are working for their own small business or a Fortune 500 company . For example, in Consumer Behavior students learn the importance of business to consumer relations and engage in the understanding of the U.S. consumer as they navigate the $16 Trillion U.S. economy.  She works collaboratively with students on healthcare research projects and supervises student internships. Her passion for teaching is like her passion for gardening where it is very fulfilling to watch a student grow and blossom.

Lange, Gail
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
PhD University of New Hampshire; MS University of New Hampshire; BS University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise
Actuarial Science: Probability, Statistical Modeling, Survival Analysis
Computer Science: Computer Graphics, Database Systems, Networking, Statistics
Health Information Systems: Statistical Epidemiology, Computing, Biostatistics
Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Algebra, Computer Science, Group Theory, Probability, Topology

Gail has applied her expertise in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing at the Harvard School of Public Health in modeling risk analysis as well as developing theoretical measures in Biostatistics. In addition she has worked at Jackson Labs in Bar Harbor in the genomic area and including particularly conserved sequence elements from man to mouse. As both a Mathematician and a Computer Scientist, she applies both of these areas to development of algorithms and proving their correctness, three-dimensional graphics, and image processing. Gail is an avid biker and ocean kayaker. She also enjoys tennis, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Martin, Maurice
Associate Professor of Community Health
2000 PhD University of South Carolina; 1992 BS University of Maine; 1997 MED University of South Carolina
Areas of Expertise
Community Health Education: Chronic Disease Prevention, Community Program Development and Evaluation, Men's Health Issues
Health Information Systems:

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Martin serves as senior research and evaluation consultant with the Heading off Environmental Asthma in Lousiana in collaboration with Merck and Xavier University.  He serves as Deputy Editor of Health Promotion Practice, and as peer reveiwer for many professional publications.  He is an active member of the Society of Public Health Educators, and the American Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance among others. He serves a variety of state and community boards concerned with community health. His research interests include systems dynamics, behavioral science, chronic disease and evaluation.  He is certified by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing and is a prolific author contributing to the development of national standards for the discipline.  Dr. Martin includes students as junior colleagues in all of his work and is a sought after adviser.