Hepler, Allison
Professor of History
1996 PhD Temple University; 1976 BA Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise
History: Canada, Maine, Medicine, Mexico, Modern Latin America, United States, Women
International & Global Studies:

Before becoming a historian, Allison Hepler was a journalist, a printer, and a house builder. History was something she became excited about almost accidentally when she took an introductory-level US History course at night at the University of Maine at Augusta, 15 years after she’d graduated from college. She persuaded her husband to sell the dream house they’d built, flew through graduate school in Philadelphia, came back to Maine and landed a job at UMF in 1994. When not teaching at, or commuting to, UMF from her midcoast home, she messes about with boats at Rob's boatshop, is an elected official, works at her friend’s woodworking tool store, and tries hard to keep her elderly cars road-worthy. She’s currently writing a book that examines the life of a librarian caught up in the swirl of 1950s anti-Communism.  Historians, she feels, have a tremendous responsibility to ordinary people of the past who made a stand against fear.

O'Brien, Christopher
Associate Professor of History and Chairperson
2002 PhD University of Kansas; 1988 MA University of Iowa; 1987 BA University of Iowa
Areas of Expertise
History: Children's History, History of Education, The Cold War, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. and Social Cultural History

Professor O'Brien is past president of the faculty and chair of Faculty Senate. He is involved in campus leadership on issues as diverse as budgeting, enrollment management, academic strategy, judicial policy, information technology, university accreditation, and community college outreach. Previously the Coordinator of History Department, he helped overhaul the curriculum, revise the capstone project, grow the number of majors and minors, and launched a newsletter that helped students secure $30,000+ in research funding, along with internships and volunteer opportunities throughout the state and region. He serves on UMF’s honors council and the Maine Historical Records Advisory Board and has been awarded research fellowships from Oregon State and Bowling Green State universities, and holds a Management Development certificate from Harvard. He is the author of several articles on the social and cultural history of the Cold War.

Schoeppner, Michael
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
2010 PhD University of Florida; 2005 MA University of Florida; 2000 BA University of South Florida
Areas of Expertise
History: 19th-Century U.S., American Revolution, Comparative History, Race and Ethnicity, U.S. Legal History

An Ohio native, Dr. Schoeppner moved around quite a bit before graduating high school in High Point, North Carolina. A first-generation college graduate, he liked school so much decided to stay and earn three degrees, the last of which was a PhD in American legal history. After finishing graduate school, Dr. Schoeppner taught for two years at the California Institute of Technology before coming to Farmington in the fall of 2013. He has presented his work at Harvard University, the University of Michigan Law School, and the University of Wisconsin Law School and has received grants and awards from the American Historical Association, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the American Society for Legal History, and he is finishing up a book on the quarantining of black sailors in the antebellum South. Besides history, Dr. Schoeppner also enjoys sports, traveling, eating Italian food, watching movies, and hiking with his dogs.

Sell, Louis
Lecturer III History
1973 MA Johns Hopkins, School of Advanced Interenational Studies; 1969 BA Franklin and Marshall College
Areas of Expertise
History: Diplomacy and Intelligence, International Conflict Negotiation and Peace-Keeping, Nuclear and Conventional Arms Control, Russia and the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the Balkans

Wolf, Anne Marie
Associate Professor of History
2003 PhD University of Minnesota; 1992 MA New York University in Madrid; 1989 BA University of Notre Dame
Areas of Expertise
History: Christian-Muslim dialogue & interactions, Social and cultural history of late medieval and early modern health practices
International & Global Studies: Medieval and early modern Europe; Middle East; Colonial Latin America

Anne Marie Wolf is a medieval historian and a dedicated teacher. She teaches both halves of Global History, several  courses on Europe from the Roman period through the 17th century and several others, mostly on the Middle East and the Mediterranean world. She also teaches a 2-week travel course, Cultural History of Spain, in Spain in even-numbered years. Dr. Wolf specializes in late medieval Spain, especially interfaith (Christian-Jewish-Muslim) interactions there. Her recent book  Juan de Segovia and the Fight for Peace: Christians and Muslims in the Fifteenth Century (Notre Dame Press, 2014) focuses on this Castilian theologian’s unconventional plea for peace and dialogue with the Turks rather than war. Her current research is in popular notions and practices of health, which she is exploring through an investigation of apothecaries and vernacular medical writing. For this, she has expanded her research into the Early Modern period.