Individualized Studies

Degree Earned
Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration individualized

Can’t find exactly what you want for a degree in the catalog? Would you prefer to create your own program? If so, you can do it at UMF — the Individualized Studies program.

You may have multiple interests or interests that cross traditional academic disciplines. The Individualized program allows you to pursue your educational goals through the creation of your own degree requirements.

You will work with an academic advisor to create a conceptual framework that will serve as the foundation of your program of study and then you will design a curriculum that will help you fulfill your academic goals.

The plan is reviewed by faculty advisors and by the Integrative Studies Council to ensure that it is academically coherent and rigorous. Following Council approval, the individually-designed curriculum becomes your academic program. Individualized programs require careful advance planning and thought; accordingly, you must complete 32 credits after Council approval.

You are encouraged to create a program that is truly individualized and unique. It might include joining two academic disciplines together, or it could have a thematic title.

Examples of  Some Recent Individualized Majors

  • Global Health Education
  • European and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Poverty, Policy, and Development
  • Applied Economics
  • Environmental Interpretation
  • Writing and Photography
  • Geo-Science Journalism
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Art and Business