Beck, Linda
Professor of Political Science/Director of International and Global Studies
1996 PhD University of Wisconsin; 1991 MA University of Wisconsin; 1985 BA Skidmore College
Areas of Expertise
Environmental Planning and Policy: Environmental Politics, Policy and Regulation
International & Global Studies: International Relations and Global Politics
Political Science: Comparative Politics (Africa, Muslim World), Environmental Politics, Political Philosophy

Since joining the faculty in 2006, Linda Beck has developed several new courses that reflect her research interests, such as Civic Engagement & Social Accountability in which students work on a service-learning project with one of Maine's many non-profit organizations. Linda has herself conducted research on social accountability in both Africa and Asia. She has also worked with Maine's environmental community, serving as president of the Maine Conservation Alliance. Her work on environmental issues in the US and overseas informs her newly developed course, Environmental Politics in Comparative Perspective. Linda has published various articles, chapters in edited volumes and a book on ethno-politics and democratization in Senegal (W. Africa), and has conducted research for various deveopment organizations such as the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank, Freedom House, and the International Budget Project.

Charron, Sylvie
Professor of French
1982 PhD University of Wisconsin; 1975 MA University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; 1972 MA La Sorbonne, Paris; 1971 BA La Sorbonne, Paris
Areas of Expertise
International & Global Studies: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century French Literature, and especially the works of George Sand, Francophone Literature, Literary Translation, Teaching French in the Elementary Grades

She chairs the IGS major and is delighted to attract some of the most talented students on campus. She is a strong proponent of study abroad and nurturing bilateral exchanges with universities abroad.She has been interested in literary voices calling for social change and expressing the human condition at the margins of society. She is now focusing on regional and immigrant francophone literature. She translated The Marquise and Pauline by George Sand, Grapes of Despair by Tahar Ben Jelloun (to be published), and Canuck by Camille Lessard-Bissonnette. She also translated historical road panels in Maine and numerous Museum in the Streets panels in Maine and France. She strongly believes in early second language acquisition and served on numerous K-16 commissions for the State of Maine. She loves working at UMF where classes are small, students are engaged, and every student can receive special attention.

Dalpour, Shahrokh
Professor of Business
1996 Post Doctorate University of Northern Colorado; 1991 Post Doctorate Idaho State University; 1987 EdD University of Northern Colorado; 1974 BS National University of Iran; 1979 MBA Business Administartion, University of Northen Colorado
Areas of Expertise
Business Economics: Human Resource Management, International Business & Strategy, Management & Organizational Behavior, National and International Consulting, Strategic Management
Business Psychology: Human Resources Management, Human Resources Develpoment, Management and Organizational Development
Interdisciplinary: Outdoor Recreation and Business Administration: Human Resources Development,Marketing and management
International & Global Studies:

Dr Dalpour  teaches courses in Business  with an emphasis on strategy nationally and internationally  in business management, marketing, human resources managment and development  . Waleck  has traveled and worked worldwide, and is a local and international consultant in business and management. He conducts lecture courses nearly every year at the Universite du Maine at Lemans, France. As well as cooperating with Fatih University Selcuk University in Turkey, and Tarto university in Estonia. Waleck is currentley member of international and global studies committee. He has been involved as an advisor for International Studies and International Students. Waleck was appointed as Ambassador of International Trade for Governor Angus King and teaching as Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Business M.B.A program at Southern New Hampshire University.   

Erb, Scott
Professor of Political Sciences/Interim Honors Director
1994 PhD University of Minnesota; 1984 MA John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; 1982 BA Augustana College (Sioux Falls)
Areas of Expertise
International & Global Studies:
Political Science: Comparative Politics, International Relations

Scott Erb is a professor of Political Science, specializing in international relations, foreign policy and the European Union.   Scott earned his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1994 and has been at UMF since 1996.   Scott’s research focus is on Germany and the EU, and he has published a book German Foreign Policy: Navigating a New Era (2003).   His current research project involves investigating how the European Union can be a model for politics in the era of globalization.  Scott is also active in the Honors Program, International Studies, and has participated in a number of travel courses to Italy, Austria and Germany.  

Hepler, Allison
Professor of History
1996 PhD Temple University; 1976 BA Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise
History: Canada, Maine, Medicine, Mexico, Modern Latin America, United States, Women
International & Global Studies:

Before becoming a historian, Hepler was a journalist, printer, and house builder. History was something she became excited about when she took a US History course at night at the University of Maine at Augusta, 15 years after she’d graduated from college. She's the author of Women in Labor: Mothers, Medicine, and Occupational Health in the US and other articles on women and workplace health. Turning to Maine history, she co-authored an article on "Downeast Divas," and is active in a variety of local history projects. she’s currently writing a book that examines the life of a librarian caught up in the 1950s anti-Communist movement.  Historians, she feels, have a tremendous responsibility to ordinary people of the past who made a stand against fear. When not teaching at or commuting to UMF from her midcoast home, she messes about with boats at Rob's boatshop, and is an elected official. She is the 2014-5 UMF Trustee Professor.

Reid, Jennifer
Professor of Religion
1994 PhD University of Ottawa; 1992 MA University of Ottawa; 1990 BA University College of Cape Breton
Areas of Expertise
International & Global Studies: Religion and Globalization
Philosophy and Religion: History of Religions, Indigenous Religion, Religion and Colonialism

Jennifer Reid’s work focusses on transcultural religion at the intersection of settler and Indigenous cultures, globalization and religion, and methodology in the study of religion. Reid was named a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 2015. Her books include: Religion, Postcolonialism, and Globalization: A Sourcebook (Bloomsbury 2015), In Search of Kluskap: A Journey into Mi’kmaw Myth (Penn State 2013); Louis Riel and the Creation of Modern Canada: Mythic Discourse and the Postcolonial State (University of New Mexico Press 2008 and Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press 2012); Religion, Writing, and Colonial Resistance: Mathias Carvalho’s Louis Riel (Davies Group 2011); ‘Worse Than Beasts’: An Anatomy of Melancholy and the Literature of Travel in 17th and 18th Century England (Davies Group 2005); Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter: British and Mi’kmaq in Acadia, 1700-1867 (University of Ottawa Press 1995).

Dearden, Brad
Associate Professor of Geography
2006 PhD University of Utah; 1990 MA School for International Training; 1986 BS Quinnipiac University
Areas of Expertise
Environmental Planning and Policy:
Geography: Asia, Development, Global Economy, Latin America, Population
Interdisciplinary: Outdoor Recreation and Business Administration:
International & Global Studies: Development, Global Economy, Population and Health

Brad Dearden maintains interests in urbanization, development and the global economy, with regional specialties in Asia and Latin America. Jointly with UMF students, Brad initiated a fertility study in a Mayan community in Guatemala and works with several development organizations there. Brad has also researched urbanization and environmental processes in Islamic cities, and, using visual forms, assessed globalization processes in cities of developing regions. He is currently studying mental health and high suicide rates among women of reproductive age in Nepal. He completed a faculty exchange program at Beijing University of Technology and has participated in the Foreign Policy Speaker series sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council. Brad serves on the International and Global Studies Council at UMF, and is a member of the Asian and Latin American specialty groups of the Association of American Geographers.

Funes, Marisela
Associate Professor of Spanish
2002 PhD University of Illinois-Urbana; 1994 MA St. Louis University; 1992 BA University of Illinois-Urbana
Areas of Expertise
International & Global Studies: Literature, Science, and Dictatorship in Argentina and Chile

Messier, John
Associate Professor of Economics
2005 PhD American University; 1998 BA Economics, Richard Stockton College
Areas of Expertise
Business Economics: Behavioral Economics, Economics of Developing Countries, Fair Trade, Quantitative Methods
Business Psychology: Behavioral Economics
Interdisciplinary: Outdoor Recreation and Business Administration:
International & Global Studies: Development, Latin America

John is an economist and advocate for social justice.   He has worked with informal vendors in Quito Ecuador and coffee growers in Mexico and Nicaragua.  He led a student group to Chiapas Mexico on a research project investigating the impact of fair trade participation on childhood nutrition and education.  Most recently he spent time in Matagalpa Nicaragua working with fair trade and traditional coffee growers and plans on returning with a student group.  His course offerings include International Economic Development, International Trade and Finance and Behavioral Economics.  When not in the classroom, John enjoys hiking, travelling and gardening.

Wolf, Anne Marie
Associate Professor of History
2003 PhD University of Minnesota; 1992 MA New York University in Madrid; 1989 BA University of Notre Dame
Areas of Expertise
History: Christian-Muslim dialogue & interactions, Social and cultural history of late medieval and early modern health practices
International & Global Studies: Medieval and early modern Europe; Middle East; Colonial Latin America

Anne Marie Wolf is a medieval historian and a dedicated teacher. She teaches both halves of Global History, several  courses on Europe from the Roman period through the 17th century and several others, mostly on the Middle East and the Mediterranean world. She also teaches a 2-week travel course, Cultural History of Spain, in Spain in even-numbered years. Dr. Wolf specializes in late medieval Spain, especially interfaith (Christian-Jewish-Muslim) interactions there. Her recent book  Juan de Segovia and the Fight for Peace: Christians and Muslims in the Fifteenth Century (Notre Dame Press, 2014) focuses on this Castilian theologian’s unconventional plea for peace and dialogue with the Turks rather than war. Her current research is in popular notions and practices of health, which she is exploring through an investigation of apothecaries and vernacular medical writing. For this, she has expanded her research into the Early Modern period.

Bruce, M. Clint
Assistant Professor of French
2013 PhD French Studies, Brown University; 2009 MED TESOL, Lehman College - CUNY; 2002 BA French, Centenary College of Louisiana
Areas of Expertise
International & Global Studies: 19th-century French Literature, Acadian Literature, Creole Louisiana, Francophone North America, Francophone Studies, Haitian Literature and Haitian Revolutionary Studies, Literary Transnationalism, Narrative Theory, Second Language Pedagogy, Transatlantic Studies

Clint Bruce joined UMF in Fall 2013. His doctoral research focused on the transatlantic imagination as shaped by the Haitian Revolution, looking specifically at literary works from 19th-century France, Creole Louisiana, and 20th-century Haiti; he is currently working on a book manuscript entitled D’un Atlantique à l’autre : l’imagination anatopique après la Révolution haïtienne (From One Atlantic to Another: The Anatopic Imagination after the Haitian Revolution). A former Fulbright scholar to Canada, Clint has presented papers and published articles on the Acadian literature of the Maritime Provinces. He actively promotes the French-language literature of Louisiana; since 2003, he has been a member of the editorial board of the Éditions Tintamarre, a Louisiana-based press, and is also preparing for another publisher an Anthology of Civil War-Era Protest Poetry by Louisiana Creoles, with original translations into English.

Geshnizjani, Alireza
Assistant Professor of Community Health
2004 BS Biology, Indiana University Bloomington; 2006 MS Biology (genetics), Purdue University; 2008 MS Public Health (MPH), Indiana University Bloomington; 2011 PhD Public Health (Health Behavior), Indiana University Bloomington
Areas of Expertise
Biology: Genetics, Public health biology
Community Health Education: Cancer prevention, Chronic diseases prevention, College students behavior change, Evaluation, Theories of health behavior, Women's health
International & Global Studies: Global health, Infectious disease, International epidemics

Dr. Alireza Geshnizjani (Dr. Ali) joined UMF in 2011. His educational background is interdisciplinary: biology and public health with concentrations in statistics and health behavior theories. He has presented at several state and national conferences such as American Public Health Association and Indiana Public Health Association and published in several public health journals. His research focus is on chronic disease prevention by using theoretical and conceptual frameworks to design interventions and evaluation studies.  His research projects are currently focused mainly on cancer prevention, college students’ sexual health and changing health behaviors in rural areas. He has taught a wide variety of courses such as human anatomy, animal biology, personal health, theories of health behavior, program planning, epidemiology, health communication and theories, intervention design, public health biology, and independent research courses.

Kellett, Nicole
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
2009 PhD University of New Mexico; 2001 MA Northern Arizona University; 1997 BA University of Nebraska
Areas of Expertise
International & Global Studies:

Dr. Kellett is an applied anthropologist whose research interests center on gender, economic development, medical anthropology, globalization, and environmental anthropology.  Although the bulk of her research has taken place in the Andean highlands of Peru, Dr. Kellett has also conducted research in the U.S. southwest, Belize, and has worked as a consultant for projects in Kenya and Uganda.  Due to her international interests, Dr. Kellett teaches a number of courses that a cross-listed with IGS including: Gender, Development and Globalization; Medical Anthropology; Latin America: Cultures and Contexts; Cultural Ecology; and a two-week travel course to Peru. She also teaches upper-division theory and methods courses, among others.  When not working with students or conducting research, Dr. Kellett enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, canoeing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Kellett, Lucas
Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sustainability Coordinator
2010 PhD University of New Mexico; 2002 MA University of New Mexico; 1997 BA University of Colorado
Areas of Expertise
Geography: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Latin America
International & Global Studies: Latin America

Luke Kellett is a broadly trained professional archaeologist who has done fieldwork in the US Southwest and the Andean region of South America. As an anthropological archaeologist he is interested in the long-term interactions between humans, landscapes and the environment especially during periods of climate change. He has worked in museum and contract archaeology settings, as well as for the US Forest Service. Since 2002 he has conducted archaeological research in the Andahuaylas region of Peru where he is investigating the settlement ecology of the Chanka ethnic group during a period of drought and social upheaval (AD 1000-1400). Luke has taught several courses in the Sociology/Anthropology and Geography Departments and especially likes interdisciplinary courses which are compararative and cross cut time and space. He is also works as UMF's sustainability coordinator and loves to ski, hike, climb and travel internationally.