Unsure what to choose for a major? GREAT! Like most liberal arts colleges, the University of Maine at Farmington has a program specifically tailored to meet the needs of adventurous students looking to explore a range of options – our Liberal Arts Undecided Program.

Our innovative Liberal Arts Undecided program is designed to help you assess your interests and future goals and help you create a plan of action. A significant (and fun) part of that process consists of taking a wide range of classes. This serves two functions:

  1. It helps you explore or solidify your interests.
  2. It fulfills your General Education requirements. (These are required course areas for every UMF student, regardless of major.)

For example, you might take a Marine Biology course just because you’ve always wanted to know more about marine life, or you may choose Intro to Psychology to see if you enjoy discovering how the human mind works. But those courses also fulfill General Education requirements (two birds — one stone). And many of the classes delve into ideas and areas you may never have considered.

Some examples:

  • Writers on Writing
  • Gender, Race and Class in Media
  • Sartre
  • Music in Film
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Myth and the Modern Imagination

Academic Advisors Ready to Help You Navigate

You’ll work closely specially-selected Academic Advisors who will guide you toward a major that fits your talents and interests to a tee.

Your Academic Advisor will help you select courses, guide you through academic decisions, help you to understand policies and more.

They can also help you to create your own major, called an Individualized major, allowing you to custom-design a major to fit your particular interests — a notion that’s unusual elsewhere, but something UMF has offered for decades.

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