Preparing you for a Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.)

While most University of Maine at Farmington graduates who have gone on to receive an M.B.A. first earned their UMF bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, it is not always the case. UMF graduates from other majors have also gone on to pursue an MBA — students who majored in Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Political Science, and others.

Almost any undergraduate major you choose at UMF will help you gain entrance into MBA programs offered at some of the finest institutions in the nation.

The key: selecting and completing the right courses while you earn your bachelor’s degree. You should consider selecting undergraduate courses at UMF that will develop your ability to write, to calculate, to conduct independent research, and to perform critical analysis.

It’s an academic track specially designed as an apprenticeship for business school.

It Takes Teamwork and Inspiration

In addition, a special Pre-MBA faculty advising team in our Business Economics program will work with you to tailor your course selections to meet the specific academic demands of business schools. They take the time and interest to understand your goals and help you discover what your inclinations are.

Then they work with you to really explore your opportunities, to give you valuable experience, prepare you for the GMAT and the business school application process, and to expose you to the business specialty of your choosing – providing you the tools necessary to get you into an MBA program.

Your Farmington Pre-MBA faculty advising team will hold periodic gatherings for all Pre-MBA students (students from a variety of different UMF majors). Some of these meetings focus on the specialties in each of the business fields and feature guest speakers.

Going the Extra Mile – A Farmington Hallmark

Your Pre-MBA advisors here truly go the extra mile – helping you to seek out on-campus work opportunities, coordinating class-based research, assisting you secure internships and more.

They’ll also help you gain valuable hands-on, real-world business experience beyond the classroom: arranging for you to become a consultant to local small businesses, arranging for you to be a presenter at public hearings, and getting you to serve as a research assistant for a number of UMF faculty members who are actively engaged in the business world.

What Classes Might You Take?

A rich variety of academic disciplines at Farmington will help you to develop the skills vital to pursuing an Master’s in Business Administration: Business, Economics, Political Science, Business Psychology, Philosophy, Mathematics, English, and others.

Because Farmington is a liberal arts college, every student – in every major – will take courses in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. In addition, we offer a number of business, economics and business-related courses that will prove valuable to your pursuit of an MBA:

BUS 210 Principles of Management
BUS 208 Accounting Principles
BUS 220 Principles of Marketing
BUS 310 Human Resources Management
MAT 120M Introductory Statistics
BUS 491 Strategic Management
BUS 340 Managerial Finance
BUS 360 Entrepreneurship
BUS 335 International Business