For many college students, some of the most valuable lessons are the ones learned outside the college classroom — in research labs, at internships, out in the field, in public school classrooms, at volunteer positions and on the job.

Because of this, the University of Maine at Farmington offers a number of opportunities that will help you connect your classroom studies to what could be your future work.

In fact, in any given semester, about 70% of all Farmington students are participating in some sort of hands-on learning experience. These include internships, student teaching assignments and practicums, class projects, service-learning and more. Hands-on learning is ingrained in our curriculum and in our campus culture.

What Kinds of Things Are UMF Students Doing?

  • Biology students are monitoring lake water quality in Rangeley with Professor Dan Buckley.
  • Geology students are traveling with Associate Professor David Gibson to Ireland and Scotland, to study geological formations.
  • Education students are student-teaching in K-12 classrooms across the state of Maine and beyond.
  • Outdoor Recreation Business Administration students are doing multi-media and video work in the marketing dept. at Saddleback ski resort.
  • Political Science students are presenting their research to the governor on public employee health insurance and other topics.
  • And Business Economics students worked with Professor Waleck Dalpour to produce a planning guide to help people in the region develop successful small businesses.

The Partnership for Civic Advancement

The UMF Partnership for Civic Advancement is a new initiative at the University of Maine at Farmington that supports student participation in community-based activities in western Maine and beyond. All Partnership for Civic Advancement activities are intended to be mutually beneficial to UMF students and to the communities served.

Student-community engagement activities supported by the Partnership for Civic Advancement include:

  • Volunteerism
  • Leadership Education and Training
  • Service-Learning
  • Internships
  • Undergraduate Research

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