On behalf of the faculty, staff and current students, welcome to your new home — the University of Maine at Farmington.

No matter whether you hail from near or far, I imagine that you arrive with a duffel bag of precious belongings: a favorite book, a pair of lucky socks, your high school yearbook, maybe even a tin of home-baked goods. Surely you packed the equivalent of an iPod and iPhone to revel in music you love and keep you connected to the networks of friends. And of course you bring along encouragement and pride — perhaps even much-appreciated financial support — from family and loved ones.


It is wise and good that you have brought such items of comfort and joy. They stand to smooth your transition and make you feel at home in your new home in Farmington, a place where everyone — faculty, staff and community members alike — are ready to help you be successful.

Let us hope that you have also packed several additional provisions for a successful university experience. These include an open mind for new people and ideas, intellectual curiosity to explore as-yet-unfamiliar academic fields, diligence and readiness for hard work, a commitment to participate actively in our shared community on and off campus, flexibility to navigate the unexpected, good humor for when things go awry, the courage to ask for help when you need it, and your pledge to treat others with kindness and respect, as you would have them treat you.

I join you in these hopes, delighted to have your company as we make the college journey together. Know that we look forward with enthusiasm to your university transition and to sharing many happy months and years together.

Go Beavers.

Dr. Kathryn A. Foster
University of Maine at Farmington

UMF-Orientation-Booklet-2014 (pdf)