You’ve applied to Farmington. You’ve been accepted. And … well, you’ve been busy. But now is the time to Say YES to UMF. It’s quick & easy!

Sports, performances, class projects, prom, we get it. But seriously, now’s the time to let us know you’re definitely going to be a part of the Farmington Family.

So, come on and secure your spot in the Class of 2022 by completing the quick & easy My Decision 2022 Reply Form now.

The clock’s running. Confirm your spot with us now.

The competition to join us this fall is incredible and we expect to have the last of our Class of 2022 seats filled in the coming weeks. We believe you’ll be a great fit here and we want you to be a part of what’s looking to be a phenomenal Class of 2022.

Meet your soon-to-be UMF college classmates on Facebook

Those who’ve confirmed with us are already connecting with their soon-to-be Farmington classmates via our private UMF Class of 2022 Facebook page.

They’re Friending each other, sharing Instas, Snapchatting, swapping email addresses and phone numbers, and making plans to meet up in person over the summer. To get access to the special UMF Class of 2022 Facebook page (and to say hey to your fall college classsmates) just confirm with us.

Get a jump start and join us for UMF Summer Experience

UMF Summer Experience (June 24 – 29) is our optional live-on-campus, get-a-feel-for-what-it’ll-be-like-as-a-Farmington-student extravaganza!

Summer Experience has been such a positive experience for our incoming students that we’ve lowered the price to just $275 for the full program — to give even more new students an opportunity to participate.

  • Live in a residence hall and connect with other incoming new UMF students
  • Attend a UMF class — and earn college credit!
  • Participate in fun campus activities and make connections with upperclassmen
  • Explore our Emery Community Arts Center  / Olsen Student Center/ Fitness & Rec Center
  • Check out downtown Farmington and get your outdoors on in the surrounding area

Seriously, the 100 or so incoming students who join us for Summer Experience each summer absolutely love it.

Here’s what students said about last year’s Summer Experience program:

“This definitely helped, because now I have a roommate that I know and I met a bunch of new people. I feel really excited about this fall.”

“I recommend Summer Experience to everyone. It is a one-of-a-kind experience and you won’t regret it!”

“There are so many worries that I had that I don’t have anymore. I know where everything is, made a bunch of new friends and feel really ready. This was the best.”

“I definitely think this program is helpful in teaching time management and social skills, and I think I’m more prepared for college now. And, it was a blast! I definitely recommend this summer experience to everyone.”

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