“These Shining Lives,” inspiring true story of the Radium Girls, presented by University of Maine at Farmington, Oct. 21-24

FARMINGTON, ME  (October 4, 2021)—The University of Maine at Farmington is proud to present “These Shining Lives,” by Melanie Marnich as its fall theatrical production. This Theatre UMF production will be presented on Oct. 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. in Alumni Theater on the Farmington campus.

Directed by Jayne Decker, award-winning director and UMF faculty member, this drama tells the true story of the strength and determination of hundreds of young female factory workers in the 1920s and 30s who were callously exposed to radium poisoning in the workplace.

(Left to right) Emalyn Remington, Simoane Lowell, Tess Gioia and Audrey Bradbury(Left to right) Emalyn Remington, Audrey Bradbury, Tess Gioia and Simoane Lowell tell the courageous story of the Radium Girls.

Their health and lives were devastated by the toxic deception as the women painted watch dials with a radium compound that exposed them to high amounts of radiation. Many contracted radiation poisoning and more than 50 perished, but theirs is a story of courage and tenacity as they sought to hold their employer accountable.

“This is an important story of ordinary girls whose heroic efforts a hundred years ago have made working conditions safer for so many,” said Decker. “An essential part of telling their story is having the set, lighting and costume design that create a visual picture of the time and place and helps the audience experience these women’s valiant struggle.”

A multi-level performance space created from actual factory photos takes the audience back in time, as well as period costumes created by Emalyn Remington, UMF senior and performing arts major from Bennington, Ver., and costume designer for the production.

Emalyn Remington, costume designer for the UMF production of These Shining LivesEmalyn Remington, UMF student and costume designer for the UMF production of “These Shining Lives”

“My first focus is to understand the time period and who the characters were as people,” said Remington. “That makes them come alive for me and helps me visualize who they were in their daily lives and what they might have worn. Working with this UMF production as a student is a remarkable experience and one that really confirms my career path for me.”

Decker has directed numerous productions at UMF Alumni Theater. Her production, “Coyote on a Fence,” was awarded a Moss Hart Memorial Award by the New England Theatre Conference, New England’s oldest and largest regional theater association.

She has also presented workshop productions of her original plays “Good Medicine;” “Stars Falling,” winner of the 2002 Maine Playwriting Award; “Jelly Moonshine;” and “Songbird,” a touring play about the Iraq War. “Cracked Shells,” an original play by Decker about domestic violence, was commissioned by Franklin County Network’s Peace in Our Families and was featured again at the 2009 Maine Women’s Studies Conference.

The show runs approximately an hour and 20 minutes and for Covid protocol, the audience will need to wear masks. Admission is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors and students 18 and under, and $5 for UMF students with ID. Tickets and sign in are available at the door prior to performance. Masks are required.

This production includes music from the period with solo and ensemble singing.

Directed by Jayne Decker
Scenic and Lighting Design – Stan Spilecki
Sound Design – Joel Johnson
Costume Designer – Emalyn Remington, Bennington, Ver.
Stage Manager – Catie Meehan, Sweden

Catherine Donahue – Audrey Bradbury
Charlotte Purcell – Emalyn Remington
Frances O’Connell – Tess Gioia, Farmingdale
Pearl Payne – Simoane Lowell
Tom Donahue – Eli Mowry, Kennebunk
Mr. Reed – Joseph Campbell, Farmington
Radio Announcer/Soloist/Leonard Grossman – Justin Reid, Portland
Company Doctor/Doctor Dalitsch – Aidan Mulrooney, Farmington
Dr. Rowntree/Reporter – Ian Stanford, Philips
Reporter – Samantha Box, Portland

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Media Contact: Jayne Decker, award-winning director and UMF faculty member, jdecker@maine.edu


Link to image on WordPress:  https://www.umf.maine.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/1/2021/10/RP212-012A.jpeg
Photo Caption: (Left to right) Emalyn Remington, Audrey Bradbury, Tess Gioia and Simoane Lowell tell the courageous story of the Radium Girls.

Photo Credit: UMF Image

Link to image on WordPress:  https://www.umf.maine.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/1/2021/10/RP212-012B.jpg
Photo Caption: Emalyn Remington, costume designer for the UMF production of These Shining Lives
Photo Credit: UMF Image

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