David Gibson

Professor of Geology

Dr. David Gibson is an igneous petrologist/geochemist whose primary research interests focus on the petrogenesis of central Maine magmatism, and on the dynamics of magma chambers, particularly how this controls the distribution of the economically important Rare Earth Elements. Dr. Gibson actively involves his students in his research projects both in coastal and central Maine and he encourages them to present their research at geologic forums in Maine and New England. He was awarded UMF’s Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year for 2017-2018, and is the Director of the UMF X-Ray Fluorescence laboratory. He teaches a sequence of courses (Mineralogy – Petrology – Advanced Petrology) to geology majors, and The Dynamic Earth, an introductory geology course for non-majors, all of which integrate field and lab based experiences. Dr. Gibson is also responsible for organizing and teaching the three-week long May term geology/mapping field trip to Ireland and Scotland.


  • 1984 PhD The Queen’s University of Belfast
  • 1977 BSc The Queen’s University of Belfast
David Gibson - Nat Sci