Elizabeth Luckraft

Lecturer I Teaching Supervisor - Student Teaching Supervisor/Education

Elizabeth Luckraft has spent much of her adult professional life in public schools as a teacher, mentor, and supervisor. She has taught students in grades 3, 5, 7 and 8 and has been a team leader at the middle school level.  As a mentor teacher for UMF student teachers early on in her teaching career, Elizabeth identified being a student teaching supervisor at UMF as an ideal position for her and is in her 16th year.  In this role she is able to support beginning teachers in applying their skills, buiding their confidence, and balancing priorities to learn how to manage the stresses and demands of the education profession and become a healthy, effective teacher.  Elizabeth has also involved in mind-body health as a therapist for numerous years specializing in body-centered mindfulness techniques to alleviate anxiety and depression. She currently supports UMF students on a part-time basis as a clinical counselor at the UMF Health Clinic.


  • 2008 MS University of Southern Maine
  • 1983 BS University of Maine
  • 1992 MED University of Maine Orono
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