Jesse Minor

Jesse Minor

Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Planning

Telephone 207.778.7443

Jesse Minor is a critical physical geographer, which means he combines natural science methods with social and human connections to explore natural and human systems. Jesse teaches classes on risks and hazards, environmental field methods, forests, environmental issues, physical geography, nature and society, and political ecology. Jesse’s courses feature hands-on and experiential components. Jesse’s research focuses on environmental change, using mixed physical and social science methods: the ecology and management of sacred Fengshui forests in China; analysis of Smokey Bear and wildfire prevention propaganda; the ecological trajectories of forests following wildfire; tree-ring analysis of fire regimes across cultural transitions in Arizona; carbon storage in campus forests; and effective techniques for field-based teaching. Jesse has done ecology fieldwork in China, the US Southwest, Mexico, and Mongolia, and worked in commercial fisheries in Maine and Alaska. Jesse was awarded the 2020 Donald Harward Faculty Award for Service-Learning Excellence for his community-engaged teaching.


  • 2017 PhD University of Arizona
  • 2008 MA University of Arizona
  • 2002 BA Bates College