Waleck Dalpour

Waleck Dalpour – Professor of Business
Title Professor of Business
Telephone 207.778.7441

Dr. Dalpour teaches courses in Business with an emphasis on strategy in business management, marketing, Human Resource Management and development. Waleck has traveled and worked worldwide as a business and management consultant. In addition to conducting lecture courses, Dr. Dalpour runs an annual seminar at the Universite du Maine at Lemans and Sorbonne University in France. He has also been cooperating with many universities in Turkey for a number of years. Waleck is currently a member of an international studies committee and has been involved as an advisor for International Studies and International Students. Dr. Dalpour was appointed as the Ambassador of International Trade for Governor Angus King and has been an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Business M.B.A program at Southern New Hampshire University since 1992. Waleck’s area of interests for research fall within the realm of international business strategy.


  • 1996 Post Doctorate University of Northern Colorado
  • 1991 Post Doctorate Idaho State University
  • 1979 MBA Business Administration, University of Northern Colorado
  • 1974 BS Economics, University of Mazandaran
  • 1987 EDD Higher Education Administration, University of Northern Colorado
  • 1975 BA Labor Law, University of Mazandaran