Whether you’re interested in working for a small, medium or large company, the nonprofit or government sector, going to graduate school, or starting your own business, the UMF Business Economics program is a great place to start.

If career opportunities, affordability, and preparation for a meaningful life are important to you, we’ve got you covered. Our students are well versed in contemporary theories and practices in both business and economics, and they also develop skills in writing, oral presentation, problem solving, decision-making, leadership, and team building.

In addition, the liberal arts environment at UMF provides a well-rounded learning experience. A liberal arts education will introduce you to great cultures and great thinkers; it will help you develop a disciplined and creative mind; and it will offer you the ability (and the freedom) to pursue a meaningful career and a meaningful life.

Career preparation is vital today, and the Business Economics program at UMF delivers. Our program includes a core of business and economics courses that provide the foundations for both fields; this is supplemented by additional coursework through concentrations in business and/or economics that provides the specialized knowledge and skills required to succeed in these areas.

Another thing you might be concerned about is cost – and once again UMF comes through. Tuition at UMF is very competitive and we have one of the most effective financial aid programs in the state of Maine. High quality + affordable cost = an unbeatable combination.

This program qualifies for a New England Regional Student Program tuition discount of nearly $5,000 for residents of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Canada.