Take classes at the University of Maine at Farmington this May Term and Summer. On-campus, online, and blended courses (part on-campus and part online) are open to students from other colleges, the general public — including high school students and UMF alumni, and of course students currently enrolled at UMF.

  • So knock off some credits to help finish your degree sooner
  • Take that incredibly interesting class you’ve always wanted to
  • Transfer the course credits to your school
  • Get some college classes under your belt while you’re in high school
  • Laser-focus on just one or two classes
  • Try some online courses or take some in person, on campus
  • Get an idea of what UMF classes are really like before you choose to transfer to Farmington (hint-hint)

When do the Classes Run?

  • May Term classes generally run May 13 – June 14
  • Summer Session classes generally run June 9 – July 26

How do I know which courses are May Term and which ones are Summer Session?

Technically, May Term and Summer Session classes are considered Summer 2019 Term/Session classes from the dropdown menu below, which can be confusing.

  • If it shows a Start Date of 5/13/2019 it’s a May Term course, so use the See and Request May Term Classes button to submit your request for courses.
  • If it shows a start date of 6/24/2019 or later (and one course starting 6/9/2019) it’s a Summer Session course, so use the See and Request Summer Session Classes button to submit your request for courses.

Please use the search tool below to view a list of all the courses being offered, both May Term and Summer Session.

Note: Some courses may require prerequisites.

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