Right now

  • Celebrate. Yell a hearty Woo-Hoo! Bust out a happy dance. Give a mighty fist-pump. Shout out to your friends on Snap, Insta and the Facebook. Do this immediately. You’ve earned it.

Now that you’re admitted (we’ve said Yes to you)

  • Secure your spot in the incoming class by completing the My UMF Decision Reply Form and paying your deposit.

Once you’re confirmed (you’ve said Yes to us)

  • Soon your checklist will be available on myCampus. This will be your “home base” for UMF!  Everything you need will be accessible from myCampus.
  • Complete the online Housing Application.
  • Register for classes by filling out the Course Planning Form. We will let you know when the Course Planning Form is live on myCampus and ready to go.
  • Submit your Financial Responsibility Statement on MaineStreet.
  • Complete the WritePlacer Placement Test if required. We will contact you after you return your enrollment deposit if you are required to take the WritePlacer placement test.
  • Review and accept your Financial Aid package on MaineStreet.
  • If you’re taking any AP exams, request that the results be sent to UMF. We award UMF college credits for a score of 3, 4 or 5.
  • If you’ve taken any college level classes, request that the transcripts be sent to us from the college giving you the credits.
  • Send disabilities documentation, if you plan to request accommodations.
  • Make sure your high school has sent us your final transcript showing your date of graduation.
  • Sign up for Summer Experience: June 21-26, an optional one week academic and social on-campus experience. Details on this coming soon!
  • Contact your family physician to obtain health and vaccination records and send them to us.
  • Watch for an email with your housing and roommate assignments.
  • Communicate with your roommate to coordinate what to bring for your residence hall room.
  • Expect to receive your first semester bill.
  • Order your textbooks.
  • Start getting even MORE psyched, if that’s even possible. It’s almost time!
  • Make arrangements with the UMF Merrill Center for payment of your first semester
  • Get packing! Make your travel plans and get ready for the best years of your life.
  • Fall Orientation  Move-in Day is Friday, August 28.
  • Classes Start  Monday, August 31
  • Woo-Hoo! You’re on your way!

Contact Us

Office of Admissions
University of Maine at Farmington
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tel  207-778-7050
fax  207-778-8182
TDD/TYY  207-778-7275