The University of Maine at Farmington brand — who we are and what we stand for — is important for visual identity and awareness. 

To enable consistency of use and clear communication, the University of Maine at Farmington logo should appear at least once on any marketing or communication materials. Any use of the logos or university name beyond approved logo usages noted below must be reviewed and approved by marketing.

Do not change the proportions of the logo, rotate, or include the logo or part of the logo in a larger image. The logo should be clearly readable and not separated into parts, printed in color combinations, or combined as art with text.

For assistance downloading logo files, help selecting a logo, or have questions about the UMF style, please contact the UMF Marketing Department.

(This is approved language for use on materials produced during COVID-19)

Photographs of students not wearing masks were taken prior to the coronavirus pandemic. The University of Maine at Farmington follows federal and state Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health and safety guidance, which includes physical distancing and use of face coverings.


Logos are available for download here. If you have any questions, or need access to a logo not included here, please contact the Marketing and Creative Design Specialist at 207.778.7656.

Primary Logo

UMF logo

The UMF classic logo can be used on any marketing or communication pieces for non-recruitment events and activities put on by UMF departments, programs, or offices. Examples include posters, postcards, flyers, or brochures for theatre or music performances, art exhibits, lectures, speaker events, student activities, etc.

Secondary Logo

The secondary version of the logo, often referred to as the UMF mark, is vertical and should be used when the primary version is not ideal, such as when the logo is placed on narrow width pieces or tall, portrait-oriented applications.

Official Colors

UMF Maroon

UMF Maroon

Hex code: #68092b

Pantone (PMS): 1955

CMYK: 33 | 100 | 64 | 38

RBG: 104 | 9 | 43

UMF Gold
UMF Maroon

Hex code: #D3C89D

Pantone (PMS): 7500

CMYK: 0 | 6 | 25 | 9

RBG: 231 | 218 | 173

UMF Grey
UMF Maroon

Hex code: #373737

Pantone (PMS): 447c

CMYK: 0 | 0 | 0 | 80

RBG: 55 | 55 | 55


The University of Maine at Farmington’s official serif font is Rockwell and the official sans-serif font is Myriad Pro. It is recommended that one serif font and one sans serif font complement each other in a publication. 


To request a departmental letterhead in .pdf or .docx format, contact the UMF Marketing Department.