If you are seeking a teaching position at the UMF Career Fair

You can research school districts and the positions they offer at SchoolSpring.com, or perhaps at the Maine Dept. of Education’s Moose Book. Among the things to consider are

  • The school’s mission statement: (a statement of philosophy offered by the superintendent/principal that explains the school’s values, goals, etc.) Understanding the school’s mission can help you speak to why you are a good fit for the school/district
  • The community: Understanding the socio-economic climate of a school’s host community can help you decide how to highlight aspects of your background (academic, work-related, or personal) that make you a good fit for the school/district
  • The resources: Even glimpsing per-pupil expenditure, pictures of school buildings, etc., can help you judge whether or not the community supports the school with the resources that make a teacher’s job easier and more effective
  • The initiatives: Reading the news and events listed on a school’s webpage can give you insight on new initiatives being implemented, a school-wide use of curriculum, or a mentoring program. Learning the details of these initiatives can help you decide whether or not the school is a good fit and allow you to discuss your interest in these ideas during an interview

If you are seeking a job/internship at the UMF Career Fair

  • Read information about the organizations that interest you on the attending organizations’ websites. Find out what range of services each organization provides, who their clients are, and where their offices are located. Look for a link to or information on each organization’s mission statement, which will reveal the organization’s service/business philosophy and perhaps information about the organization’s goals or planned projects/expansion. Write notes on this information and digest the details to help you prepare for conversations you will have with recruiters at the job fair. If the content of your discussion with a recruiter reveals to him/her that you have done your homework and possess a working knowledge of the organization, he/she will be more likely to treat you as a worthy applicant.

The Importance of Reaching Out Before a Career Fair

  • If you have done some research on a school/organization prior to the fair and you know a recruiter from the school/organization plans to attend the job fair, you are encouraged to reach out by e-mail to introduce yourself to the recruiter and essentially break the ice before actually meeting at the fair. Attach a copy of your resume to the e-mail message and close the message by indicating your interest in meeting at the fair. Once at the fair, your face-to-face introduction will be smoother because of the earlier connection you made. Or, you could plan to complete the application for the job and hand deliver the materials at the fair. In either case, your time with a recruiter at the job fair could be made more productive if you either reach out ahead of time or complete the application (assuming there is a job opening).

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