Here are some places to look for on and off campus employment:

  • The Center for Student Development maintains an online job board to help connect students with Maine job opportunities.  Check our website to begin your search!
  • The Center for Student Development has two career counselors on staff.  They can help with your job search and review your resume and cover letter.  Call (207) 778-7034 to make an appointment, or click here to connect with a career counselor online.
  • Attend the Student Employment Fair (annually in September) and the UMF Career Fair (annually in March), on the UMF campus.
  • Use on-line resources, like and
  • The Wilton Career Center has job listings that are updated on a regular basis.  Visit their office at 865 US Rte 2E, Wilton, ME, call (207) 645-5800, or view their website.
  • Check the Financial Aid & Student Employment website for openings on campus (work-study and work initiative).
  • Check with the following UMF Departments:  Health and Fitness Center, Computer Center, Facilities Mgmt, Sodexo.
  • Stop in at local businesses and ask if they are hiring.  Use the Employer Locator to find local business contact information.
  • Contact the recreation departments for Wilton and Farmington for summer work.
  • Check the Friday edition of the Franklin Journal for job openings or The Daily Bulldog.
  • Local job openings are sometimes posted on the bulletin board on the lower level of the Student Center (next to the snack bar) and on the CSD’s bulletin board.
  • You can also use the bulletin boards and the Franklin Journal to advertise that you are seeking employment in a particular field such as: daycare, house keeping, yard work, etc.
  • Talk to your friends, classmates and faculty – they are often great resources.
  • Volunteering & internships can sometimes lead to a job.

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