It is our belief that opportunities to work closely with other students working toward the same goal with faculty who designed courses with them in mind is a great way to help build a resilient foundation on which to work toward completing your degree.

In addition to our robust regular course offerings, there are also online classes specifically designed for adults returning to finish their degrees.

Course Modality Duration
ACE 124: Program Success and Exploration Online 8 weeks
ENG 100: Writing Seminar: Curiosity, Creativity, and Community. Online (asynchronous except for 5 Zoom sessions) 16 weeks
BUS 213: Business Communications Online 8 Weeks
COS 177: Special Topics Online 8 Weeks
ENG277/377: Innovation Online 8 Weeks
MUH100: This is Music Online 8 Weeks
REH110: Introduction to Disability: Fact and Fiction Hyflex 16 weeks
REH 270: Fundamentals of Vocational Counseling/Placement Hyflex 16 weeks
HEA212: Social-Emotional Well-Being / Stress Management Online 16 weeks
MAT177: 3D Printing Online 16 weeks
ART (TBD) Online 16 weeks