The Diversity and Inclusion Action Team advocates for a safe, inclusive, and welcoming campus environment for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Maine at Farmington. We are committed to the rights and well-being of every member of our community. In case of an incident of hate speech or harassment, we are available to support those affected.

We seek to connect with and learn from campus members in order to proactively proclaim UMF identity as a place of safety, anti-racism and inclusion. We are a stronger community because we value diversity (including race, ethnicity, age, country of origin, religious and personal beliefs, citizenship status, marital status, veteran or military status, physical or mental dis/ability, gender identity, and sexual identity). We are committed to maintaining a peaceful, safe, and welcoming environment for all employees, students, and visitors.

If you have encountered a bias or hate speech incident, please reach out to one of our members. If a threat just occurred, or is imminent, please contact 911.

If a bias and/or hate incident (e.g., threats; destruction of property) is in progress or just occurred, please dial 911.

Campus Security is available at 778-7400.

DIAT Social Media

Facebook: UMF Diversity 

Instagram: UMFdiversity