Center for Student Development

Burdick, Judy
Administrative Specialist CL1
Phone: 207.778.7034
Carnahan, Sarah
Mental Health Counselor
Phone: +2.077.778.7091
Crandall, Janice
Testing Operations Manager
Phone: 207.778.8117
Davis, Stephen
Career Counselor
Phone: 207.778.7232
Fournier, Katie
Assistant Director/Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 207.778.7042
Hutchins, Laura
Administrative Specialist CL2 Test Administration
Phone: 207.778.7029
2015 BAS Information Technology /Information Security Systems, University of Maine at Augusta
McShane, Cynthia
Career Counselor/ Employment Specialist
Phone: 207.778.7035
Pederson, Robert
Director of Center for Student Development
Phone: 207.778.7036
Pickering, Gavin
Mental Health Counselor
Phone: 207.778.7038
Soucie, Lori
Program Coordinator
Phone: 207.778.7040