Personal fitness & wellness services at the FRC include a wide variety offerings and options to fit any goal and budget. Whether you’re working one-on-one with a trainer, with friends in a small group, or utilizing our nutrition services, one of our ACE Certified professional or student employee personal trainers will help you in achieving all of your fitness goals.
If you are interested in any of our fitness services, please submit the Fitness Services Interest Form. You will be contact within 1 business day by a member of the fitness staff.

Fitness Services

Customized programs designed by our fitness staff to be performed independently. 2-3 meetings with a trainer, which includes instruction on how to correctly perform exercises.

Professional Trainer – Members: $90; Non-members: $105

Student Trainer – Members only: $45

A member of our fitness staff will show you how to properly perform certain exercises, adjust machines, and find the proper weight for you. FRC members only.

Professional Trainer – $25

Student Trainer – $15

Work individually with your trainer on any health and fitness related goal. Programs will be tailored to your level of fitness, experience, goals, and abilities.

Professional Staff Trainer 6 Sessions 12 Sessions 20 sessions
FRC Members $240 $450 $700
Non-Members $270 $510 $800
UMF Students $25/session
Student Employee Trainer 3 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
FRC Members Only $50 $80 $150

Small group training provides the ability for you and a few friends to work out together with a trainer. Small groups should have relatively similar goals and abilities, but differences between group members are accommodated. Small group training is a great way to reduce the per-session cost of working with a trainer. *Rates below are all per person*

Professional Staff Trainer Rates

FRC Member Rates 6 Sessions 12 Sessions 20 sessions
2:1 Training $175 $325 $500
3:1 Training $150 $265 $400
4:1 Training $120 $210 $300
Non-Member Rates
2:1 Training $205 $385 $600
3:1 Training $180 $325 $500
4:1 Training $150 $270 $400

Student Employee Trainer Rates

3 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
2:1 Training $35 $55 $105
3:1 Training $30 $45 $85
4:1 Training $25 $35 $65


Health coaching is our premier wellness service. It includes 1:1 personal training, nutrition coaching, behavior change coaching, and almost any other health & well-being related topic – e.g., sleep, smoking cessation, etc. Health coaching clients engage in regular meeting to train, discuss diet, and work on other health goals. Clients also have the ability to connect with their coach at times outside of scheduled meetings to ask questions and get support. Health coaching is offered to FRC members only at the following levels:

Standard: 6 meetings/month – $260
Premium: 10 meetings/month – $425

Personal Training Staff


Alison’s fitness career began after being profoundly impacted by the UMF PHE (then HEA) program. She was inspired to make significant lifestyle and behavior changes that resulted in a much happier and healthier person. Since then, over twenty five years ago, Alison has trained in many areas and specialties of physical health, and uses her knowledge and passion to help others succeed in their own health and fitness goals. Her current certifications include: ACE Health Coach, ACE Personal Trainer, and ACE Sports and Conditioning Specialist. 

She is responsible for the oversight of the FRC fitness operations as well as the Physical Health Education (PHE) program.


Mike earned his Masters in Exercise Science and works with clients of all ages to accommodate their individual needs. He currently teaches HEA 303 Physiology of Exercise at the University and applies his evidence-based knowledge to all he interacts with. He is a Certified Health Coach (ACE), Personal Trainer (ACE), Sports Performance Specialist (NASM), and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE). Mike has experience with helping those who suffer from chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, and certain Cancers. He also trains many athletes and serves as a bridge to local health care providers and their patients as a trusted and respected Health Coach/Trainer.


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