Honors Development Groups (HDG, First-Year Honors Students Only)

An Honors Development Group is a group of seven to nine Honors students with two upper level leaders that meet on a weekly basis in the fall semester and complete a community service project in the spring semester. The purpose of the group is  to make the transition into college and into the Honors Program as seamless as possible by surrounding first year students with supportive peers and presenting various opportunities to get involved. Members of the fall 2018 cohort will be assigned to an HDG based on class schedule availability.

What is an HDG?

HDGs participate in a variety of activities throughout the year to help students make friends, become acclimated to campus, and feel a part of the Honors Program. Some activities an HDG might partake in include watching movies, discussing an in-depth topic, visiting various parts of campus, playing board games, doing scavenger hunts, decorating the Honors House, attend campus events and much more. Your HDG leaders are upper level honors students who have gone through a comprehensive training program before leading.

What are my responsibilities as an FYS?

Students in the fall cohort are required to attend one HDG per week, each meeting lasting approximately one hour. Your group will meet at the same time every week in the Honors house, though the group may choose to hold meetings elsewhere from time to time. Your group may also choose to make some meetings last two hours in order to skip a week or make up for a missed meeting. Occasionally, meetings may have to be cancelled or times changed. It is very important if you are not going to make your HDG meeting, you let your leader know so they know not to expect you. It can be difficult for leaders to execute their plans properly if their entire group does not show up.  The group will also complete a community service project in the spring semester together.


Honors Development Group Leaders

All Honors Development Groups will  be facilitated by upper level Honors students.  The leaders will coordinate HDG activities/events and log their activities and attendance weekly.  Training will be provided to prepare HDG leaders for their roles. Leaders will also lead their group on a community project in the spring.

What are my responsibilities?

To prepare for and hold 13 meetings in the Fall semester

To attend all training sessions

To work with the HDG on a Community Service Project in the Spring semester

To submit plans for semester to the Honors Director

Submit weekly attendance and brief evaluation of the HDG meetings

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