Spring Events 2021

“To Live” (1994) Film Viewing – Friday, March 12th

“Les Miserables” (2019) Film Viewing – Friday, March 26th

“Border South” (2019) Film Viewing – Friday, April 2nd

“Kimi No na wa (Your name)” (2016) Film Viewing – Friday, April 16th

Past Events

To Live (1994)

Friday, March 12th – 6pm-9pm

Lincoln Auditorium

This film follows the married couple Fugui and Jiazhen after Fugui loses everything to gambling. The film follows them through the decades as they struggle to try and live as peasants. Join us on Friday, March 12th from 6-9pm in Lincoln Auditorium.

Les Miserables (2019)

Friday, March 26th – 6pm-9pm

Lincoln Auditorium

Join us for a viewing of the the 2019 drama “Les Miserables”. this drama is based off of the 2008 police violence that occurred on October 14th, 2008 in Paris. Join us on Friday, March 26th at 6pm in Lincoln Auditorium.

Border South (2019)

April 2nd – 6pm-9pm

Lincoln Auditorium

This documentary follows the crack down on immigration into the United States and Mexico and how this is effecting those who need to emigrate from their own country to another. Join us on Friday, April 2nd from 6-9pm when we watch and have discussion on this film in Lincoln Auditorium.

Kimi No na wa (Your name) (2016)

April 16th – 6pm-9pm

Lincoln Auditorium

This anime follows two teenagers who suddenly, and unexplainably, swap bodies. Join us when we view this film and see the beauties of Japan through the anime art form. We will be viewing the film on April 16th from 6pm-9pm in Lincoln Auditorium.

Past Events

Francophone Celebration

Every year the University of Maine at Farmington hosts an annual Francophone Celebration event, celebrating French speaking countries from around the world. This events features food, fun activities, and study abroad educational opportunities. It is typically hosted in partnership with the UMF exchange students from francophonie countries. Come visit us next year for our annual event!

Farmington Fiesta

Once a year, UMF hosts a Farmington Fiesta to celebrate the cultures of those from Spanish-speaking countries. This event features food, activities, study abroad educational opportunities, as well as cultural education. The fiesta is usually hosted in partnership with the exchange students from Spanish-speaking countries. Come visit us for our next fiesta!

Portland Stage Trip

Every year the UMF MultiCultural Club hosts a trip down to Portland, ME to see a global performance done by the Portland Stage and eat an international year. Past shows have included Babette’s Feast by Rose Courtney and Refuge Malja by Bess Welden. it is a fun day for all students who attend!

Photo Contest

Once a year, typically in the Fall semester, UMF students have an opportunity to submit photos they have taken on study away & travel course opportunities. Above, is our winner of the 2020 photo contest taken by student, Riley Samson, in Tanzania! If you have studied abroad/away for a semester or taken one of our travel courses we would love to see your photos submitted in our next photo contest!

International Tea & Coffee Hour

Do you love tea and coffee? Then you will love our annual International Tea & Coffee Hour event! Students get to try delicious teas and coffees from all corners of the world and learn about some of the different customs and cultural values that come with each drink. Join us for our next International Tea & Coffee Hour event next year!

Study Away Presentations

Once a year the Department of Experiential and Global Education, in partnership with the IGS and Honors Departments, host study away presentations where students can share about their experiences studying away. Students get to learn about the different experiences that other students have had while studying away and learn about potential future study away opportunities as well.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Once a year, around the Lunar New Year, UMF offers a Lunar New Year Celebration to celebrate it. The Lunar New Year celebration features traditional food, activities, and music. This event is typically hosted in partnership with our Asian exchange students and faculty. We can’t wait for you to join us for our next Lunar New Year Celebration!

Global Experiences Fair

Interested in a global experience? Once a semester the UMF Study Away Office offers a global experiences fair in which interested students can learn about the different types of study away experiences. This fair features information for UMF travel courses, UMF direct exchange programs, national exchange, and provider programs.

Peace Corps Talks

UMF has many alumni that enter into the Peace Corps after graduating. Many are invited back to campus to give presentations about their time in the Peace Corps in hopes to encourage more students to join after they graduate. This photo is from UMF alumni, Elizabeth Ferry, who went into the Pease Corps and gave a presentation at UMF about her time in the organization.