Study Away/International Sashes for Graduation Ceremonies

The Office of Global Education sponsors the study away/international sash program for graduation ceremonies. Select individuals qualify for these sashes, worn over the graduation gown. Each sash can depict one to four foreign country/state flags. The UMF commencement brochure will contain a description and explanation of the sash program, with a list of represented countries/states. We are excited about this program and the opportunity to highlight our study away and international students and faculty.


Graduating seniors who… 

Are international students
Are foreign-born nationals

Have participated in an approved Study/Teach/Intern Away or Abroad program.

This includes Semester Abroad, Student Teach Abroad/Away, National Student Exchange, and Faculty-Led Short Term Travel courses.

Have participated in a UMF Virtual Global Experience (VGE) course
Please note the following….
  • If you are a foreign born national who now has US citizenship you may also choose to display your native country flag and the US flag in a double sash.
  • If you are a foreign born national who does not wish to display your country flag for political or other reasons, there is a trans-global sash available.
  • Students who studied abroad in multiple locations are eligible for a sash depicting multiple countries. There are single, 2-flag, 3-flag, and 4-flag sashes available.
  • Students marching in May who will complete student teaching abroad/away the following fall semester as their final degree requirement ARE eligible.

Faculty and Administrators participating in graduation ceremonies who…..

Are foreign-born nationals
Have participated in a UMF formal teaching experience abroad (includes a semester, shorter/multiple/repeat terms)
Have led a short term travel course abroad or domestic
Have taught a UMF Virtual Global Experience (VGE) course
Spent a semester studying abroad while in college/earned a degree abroad


  1. Visit the VisionWear website
  2. Select your product – search under Graduation Sashes. 
  3. Add product to cart
  4. Enter the UMF discount code  – a code unique to our campus that will provide free shipping of your order to the UMF Office of Global Education. Request the code from Office of Global Education –
  5. Select Apply Coupon and then proceed to checkout


  • Be sure to request the discount code before you are ready to order.
  • Orders must be processed using an email to qualify for free shipping.
  • Only orders processed using the UMF discount code will be included in the commencement brochure country/state list.

Orders must be placed by April 2 to guarantee delivery in time for graduation!

Sashes will be shipped directly to the UMF Office of Global Education. You will be notified when your sash is ready for pickup.