Now that you have been accepted into the National Student Exchange program and have received and accepted your official NSE placement, you will begin the pre-departure process.

  • All Students must complete the UMF Pre-Departure paperwork and processes.
  • In addition, students will complete enrollment and pre-departure processes as required by their host school, many of which may occur online.

Submission Deadlines for completed pre-departure processes are as follows:

  • April 30 (for Fall programs)
  • December 1 (for Spring programs)

Required Processes (click to access online form / download paper form)

  1. Pre-Departure Agreement
  2. Release and Assumption of Risk
  3. Medical and Consent/Emergency Contact-This process requires you to visit the UMF Student Health Center (preferred) or your PCP (accepted). Be sure to schedule that appointment soon to allow ample time for your health visit and submission of your signed form.
  4. Photo/Video Release – We want you to send us amazing pictures from your experience that we can use on our website and promotional materials. There is also a Study Away Photo Contest each year! We need this release before we can use any of your photos. NOTE: Photos that will clearly indicate where you are (signs, landmarks, historical buildings, etc.) or that you are in a location other than Maine is what we are looking for. Horizontal photos work best for web pages.
  5. Credit Approval – Please schedule an appointment with the Office of global Education to go over this process, prior to submitting the online form.
  6. Study Away Form – download from MyCampus, UMF Tools, Forms and Documents.
  7. Verification of Enrollment for Study Abroad  – This form is to be taken with you and submitted via email, once you have officially been registered for courses at your host school. Do not submit prior to departure.

Additional Host School Processes

Forward your host school initial email welcome/acceptance to the Office of International Programs as soon as you receive it.

Complete online procedures (i.e. housing and course enrollment) and mail any additional required documents. Some forms may require our office to complete information and provide an approval signature. Allow ample time to meet all pre-departure deadlines. Any application fees and housing deposits, as well as room and board expenses, are paid by you directly to the host school.

Pre-Departure Meeting

As an NSE participant, you are required to attend the mandatory pre-departure meeting, which takes place the semester prior to your program. For meeting date, time, and location, refer to your email notification or contact the Office of Global Education.

It is expected that you will review the Pre-Departure Processes PRIOR to the mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting. Bring your questions with you to the meeting so that we can have an informed discussion.