The University of Maine at Farmington’s new World Languages Education major is designed to prepare you to teach Spanish or French in K-12 classrooms and work with families from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

With a significant shortage of fully certified language teachers in Maine and beyond, the demand for qualified educators in world languages is tremendous and career opportunities for teaching languages are plentiful.

In fact, a Maine Department of Education World Language specialist said 100% of Maine high Maine schools are now required to offer language learning for proficiency-based graduation requirements and many middle schools are now expanding or trying to expand their language programs.

UMF’s new World Language Education program, with concentrations in Spanish and French, will prepare you to teach languages in K-12 classrooms and earn certification in these content areas. You’ll become certified to help fill the needs of K-12 schools and ensure that world languages continue to be an important component of childrens’ education.

Here, you’ll get inside-the-school classroom experience early and often.

At Farmington, your first in-the-field schoolroom experience will typically happen in your second (sophomore) year. This intensive 16-week experience, called Practicum, helps you develop practical skills as you apply subject matter knowledge and teaching strategies to your first inside-the-classroom work with children.

Generally, in your junior year you’ll take a variety of courses focused on the content and methods of teaching. And in your senior year, you’ll take an in-depth 16-week Student Teaching experience. Most of our Education students tell us their Student Teaching is among their most meaningful, most rewarding college experience.

One Major: Two Language Concentrations

UMF’s new World Language Education program offers concentrations in Spanish and French.

French Concentration Courses:

  • Elementary French I, II
  • Intermediate French
  • Advanced French for Communication
  • Conversation at French Table
  • Oral Communication and Culture
  • French Film
  • People and Cultures of the Francophone World
  • People and Cultures of France
  • Intro to International & Global Studies
  • Intro to Caribbean History
  • Revolutions in the Atlantic World
  • African Politics

Spanish Concentration Courses:

  • Elementary Spanish I, II
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish for Communication
  • Oral Communication and Culture
  • Hispanic Film
  • Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
  • Peoples and Cultures of Spain
  • Latin American Cultures and Contexts
  • Ancient Latin America
  • Latin America: Peoples and Environments
  • Spain from 1000-1700
  • Cultural History of Spain (travel course)
  • Colonial Latin America
  • Modern Latin America
  • History of Mexico

Degree Earned

Bachelor of Science in World Language Education K-12: Concentrations: Spanish and French

What Courses Might You Take?

Because the University of Maine at Farmington is a liberal arts college, every student —  in every major — will take courses in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. In addition, you will also get to choose interesting classes specifically tailored to this program, such as:

ENG 224 Teaching English as a Second Language
EDU 102 Experiences of Schooling: Foundations of Diversity and Knowledge in American Education
EDU 103 Diversity and Social Justice Education 7-12
EDU 402 Philosophy, History and Cultural Diversity of Education
EDU 379 Field Experience in World Language Education
EDU 224 Practicum Field Experience/Seminar
EDU 222 Learning with Technology in Secondary Education
EDU 460 Student Teaching