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If you have not yet completed your Course Planning Form, submitted AP scores and / or transcripts from other institutions, and / or contacted Disability Services to set up any accommodations you might need, please visit our Confirmed Students page for instructions on how to complete these vital steps.

Are you still looking for a major or thinking about switching?

Take a look at our majors here.

Do you have questions about your class schedule or your major?

Reach out to the following people below:

Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Mathematics
Peter Hardy peter.hardy@maine.edu or Carol Weeks weeks@maine.edu

Anthropology, Business Economics, Business Psychology, Environmental Policy & Planning, Geography, History, Outdoor Recreation Business Administration, Political Science
Wendy Harper wharper@maine.edu or Angela Carter angela.carter@maine.edu

Arts Administration, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
Jesse Potts jesse.potts@maine.edu or Robin Palmer-Mosher robin.palmermosher@maine.edu

Biology, Earth & Environmental Science
Chris Magri magri@maine.edu or Lori Tremblay lori.tremblay@maine.edu

Community Health Education, School Health
Bud Martin maurice.martin@maine.edu or Kim Ladd kimberly.ladd@maine.edu

Creative Writing, English, Philosophy / Religion
Jeff Thomson jeffrey.thomson@maine.edu, Debra Kinney dkinney@maine.edu, or Shari Witham switham@maine.edu

Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education
Patricia Williams patricia.h.williams@maine.edu or Mary Melcher melcherm@maine.edu

Interactive Media
Dawn Nye dawn.nye@maine.edu or Chris Bennett chris.bennett@maine.edu

International and Global Studies
Nicole Kellett nicole.kellett@maine.edu or Angela Carter angela.carter@maine.edu

Johnson Scholars
Marilyn Wegner mwegner@maine.edu or Becky Young becky@maine.edu

Liberal Arts Undecided and Liberal Studies
Lori Soucie lori.soucie@maine.edu

Natasha Lekes natasha.lekes@maine.edu or Sandy Yeaton yeaton@maine.edu

Rehabilitation Services
Nicole Achey nicole.achey@maine.edu or Kim Ladd kimberly.ladd@maine.edu

Secondary Education, World Languages
Clarissa Thompson clarissa.thompson@maine.edu or Kristin Hickey kristin.hickey@maine.edu

Special Education
Karen Smith karen.g.smith@maine.edu or Kristin Hickey kristin.hickey@maine.edu

Do you need someone else to talk to about academics at UMF?

If you have difficulty reaching your department contact person above or if you have other academic questions not addressed here, contact:

Lori Soucie
tel  207-778-7040
The Office of Admissions
tel  207-778-7050

Do you have questions about computers and / or campus internet access?

Our Information Technology (IT) Office updates this page with important information about technology at UMF.

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Mary Ellms
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