Have you:

  • Reviewed your Financial Aid package?
  • Completed your To-Do List items?
  • Submitted your Financial Responsibility Statement?

Check the Confirmed Students page to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Have you purchased your textbooks and materials?

Once you have your class schedule for the fall, look up your textbooks here on the University Store’s website.

Do you want to learn more about navigating finances as a college student?

UMF’s Financial Literacy Peer Education Program provides comprehensive education concerning personal financial wellbeing, including but not limited to understanding student loans and repayment options, budgeting, smart saving habits, debt management and reduction, tax credits, scholarships, and loan forgiveness options. Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @umf_finlit for more information.

Are you looking for an on-campus job this fall?

Stay tuned to our Student Employment website for updated information as the summer progresses. Also watch the video below, created by Joe Toner, UMF’s Assistant Director of Financial Aid, to learn the ins and outs of student employment at UMF.

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